SHILLS Exclusive Bright Me & Love Me Product Launching Event


I introduced SHILLS in my earlier post here. That was the first time for me to attend SHILLS beauty event and it was a great one. 
A little recap on SHILLS, it is a well-known brand among the Asian consumers, especially in Taiwan. SHILLS aimed to ensure everyone can shine and define their own beauty in every way.

This time, I was invited for SHILLS New Product Launching even. 
Though SHILLS launched Bright Me and Love Me series for quite some time, not much of the people are still aware of these two series. 
The event started by a performance done these young girls. They performed in the last event too. 

A demonstration of SHILLS Bright Me Instant Hair Removal Mousse will be done to one of the bloggers. 

The Emcee and Beauty Specialist were giving explanation of 

Now ladies, ever feel frustrated for having rapid growth of armpit hair or body hair? Well, I have this problem and I hate my armpit hair the most LOL. It is so embarrassing and I do not dare to wear any sleeveless clothes. I envy those ladies who rarely grow as much body hair like me wtf. 
Now SHILLS introduced Bright Me series to bring back my confidence to wear sleeveless clothes again. 
The Bright Me series contain soy extract, natural and effective ingredient which stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen. This production of hyaluronic acid and collagen forms a protective defense to keep your skin moisturized, brighten and odor free. 

From Left to Right
  • SHILLS Bright Me Acne Care Body Spray RM 88 150ml
  • SHILLS Bright Me Whitening Lotion RM 79 120ml
  • SHILLS Bright Me Instant Hair Removal Mousse RM 79 180ml
  • SHILLS Bright Me Gentle Exfoliating Scrub RM 65 100ml
  • SHILLS Bright Me Soothing Mousse RM 79 150ml
  • SHILLSBright Me Bubble Body Scrub RM 79 250ml

Instant Hair Removal Mousse the STAR product for right Me series, as you will be able to see instant result in 5-10 minutes. You can see a demo of my hand later. 
  • No shaving is needed. Leave it on the skin for 5-10 minutes and remove it with tissue or cloth.
  • Dissolves hair and the new hair will not grow back stubbly or rough.
  • Gentle formula and suitable for all skin.
The rest of the Bright Me products.

Whitening Lotion
Gentle Exfoliating Scrub
Soothing Mousse
Bubble Body Scrub
Acne Care Body Spray
· Reduces pigmentation and dead skin
· Prevent foul odor
· Feeling fresh all day
· Removes dead skin cells
· Brighten underarms, back & bikini zone
· Tightens & repair rough pores
· Soothes irritated skin
· Gives refreshed & moisturized skin
· Exfoliates and hydrates skin within 1-3 minutes
· Quick clean regime
· Soften skin cells & improves oil-prone skin
· Prevent acne formation with no marks

Who has body odor here? LOL! Ok la, I should not ask it rudely, but I do not wish to have body odor at all. Sometimes, when our body pH level is acidic, our body might spread out some unpleasant smell, which are out of our control. Love Me series, contain the essentials of cranberries that maintains a perfect balance to strengthen the immune system, preserving the intimate beauty. 
Now we have outer beauty by scrubbing out the dead skin and remove unwanted hair on our body, shall we proceed to fix our inner beauty too? 

From Left to Right
  • SHILLS Love Me Feminine Wash
  • SHILLS Love Me Sexy Pink (2 in 1 cream)
  • SHILLS Feminine Spray
  • SHILLS Love Me Feminine Whitening Cream

Feminine Wash
Love Me Sexy Pink (2 in 1 cream)
Feminine Spray
Feminine Whitening Cream
· Gentle to all skin
· Daily protection & freshness
· Prevent infection & anti-bacterial
· Nourishes the sheer pink lips & nipple in seconds
· Maintain healthy pink glow of the skin with triple protections
· Balance pH level at 3.8
· Neutralizes odor
· Absorb moisture
· Long lasting freshness
· For all skin types
· Improves natural defense system
· Brighten & whitens skin
· Restores the healthy pink glow of the skin

After all the explanation of each product for Bright Me and Love Me series, we had the chance to have a hand-on experience of using the Instant Hair Removal Mousse. PArdon my hair, I have a lot of bulu, you know?

If you could not see a clear version above, do have a look below. 
Amazing? My skin brightened up a little and of course la, my hair wasn't there anymore. 
It is advisable to put on the Soothing Mousse after hair removal, just like how you put on toner on the face after cleansing your face. The Soothing Mousse will help to tighten the pores and sooth any irritated skin. 

There was a Manicure Station by bloop. Too bad there were so many people queuing up for it so I had to skip it. 

I was lucky to receive a goodie bag filled with SHILLS items:
  1. SHILLS Bright Me Instant Hair Removal Mousse
  2. SHILLS Love Me Feminine Spray
  3. bloop Nail Polish Remover
  4. bloop Nail Polish

I was also rewarded for these items due to my demonstration.
  1. ANOSA Fit Patch
  2. SHILLS Rose Essential Hydrating Skin Care set

SHILLS has more body care series such as Miracle Series and Bust Care Series, feel free to log onto their websites for more info.

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