ARIMINO Summer Season Hair Collection Workshop


I did a daring hair styling few months back to celebrate Chinese New Year. Yeah, it was purple dip-dyed hair and of course, I looked pretty with it. At the same times, I had my bottom hair to be permanent curled and ended up  my hair was damaged badly. My hair would get tangled up every morning I woke up and spent at least 5 minutes to untangle my hair. You can find hair at every corner of my room because my hair fell tremendously.
Until one day, I had to chop off my damaged hair and lived on with a shorter hair LOL. Since then, I replaced my conditioner with hair mask and stop washing my hair everyday. Though my hair does not have any split end but it looks dull and dry.

I came to know about ARIMINO from a few blogger reviews and started to show interest on the brand. Japanese brands usually carry good qualities even though with unique and cute packaging. There is a saying whereby good looking stuff has lower quality, right?

As a matter of fact, ARIMINO established 65 years ago in Tokyo, Japan and globalize the hair industry with its professional salon products. The rich ingredients used in ARIMINO products cause as little damage as possible to the hair and thus, providing other essential care for the hair. ARIMINO has won Packaging Designs Award in Japan due to its unique and cute packaging.

Sonny Ang, the Creative Director of Shunji Matsuo New Generation presented the latest summer season hair collection at the Workshop. He is trained in Japan and worked for 2 years in London. He is also the Top Stylist at SAW Hair KLCC, A Cut Above and Shunji Matsuo Singapore. Nevertheless, Sonny has various oversea hair show experience in Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore. 

Sonny gave a little tips on hair and scalp care in order to have healthy hair. 
Hair and Scalp Care Tips
  1. Proper way to shampoo and dry the hair will helps on maintaining the health of hair. 
  2. Take in diet with Vitamin A, E, C, Protein and Omega 3 for strong and healthy hair. 
  3. Use the right products according to your hair type. 
  4. Do not use the finger to shampoo your hair as your might hurt the scalp. 
  5. Do not rub your hair with towel in order to dry it faster. 
  6. Use squeezing method to wipe off the excess water on your hair.  
  7. Blow downwards while using hairdryer to avoid the cuticles of your hair become wider. 
  8. Use a ball-tipped brush and gently comb the hair. 
  9. Avoid shampooing your hair everyday to prevent stripping of vital nutrients form the scalp.
  10. Massage your scalp as it can help to stimulate hair follicles.
Styling demonstration - Gypsy summer trend

Sonny did a Gypsy inspired hair for Kah Mon and she has the vintage look lol. 

A styling for long hair to become Bob hair. 

caretrico PRIVY Series
caretrico PRIVY Series give the effect of salon quality care by only applying Shampoo and Treatment (Conditioner or Mask). The combination of both helps to restore hair's elasticity and moisture.
There are three lineups dedicated for different hair type: Moist sleek, Slim through and Airy Bouncy lineups.
The Moist sleek lineup helps to repair the water retention level of the hair and moisture the hair.
The Slim through lineup adjusts the water balance of the hair and restore the hair shininess.
The Airy Bouncy lineup gives the hair elasticity and shine with formulated ingredients.
(From left to right)
  • Moist sleek Shampoo
  • Moist sleek Treatment
  • Slim through Shampoo
  • Slim through Treatment
  • Airy bounce Shampoo
  • Airy bounce Treatment

Special Home Care Series where you are recommended to use it at home one-two times a week.
  • Gentle Wash
  • Rich Mask (Airy)
  • Rich Mask( Moist)

PEACE Styling Series
PEACE has 4 line ups, which are the Milk, Whip, Wax and Spray line. PEACE series has very unique design, unlike the normal hair products we've seen on the market. The Wax line has a Rubik design, in which the wax gives a "light but moistened" and "strong but non-sticky" effects to the hair.
On the other hand, the Milk line has a rectangular prism design which serves as a styling base before put on any hair styling products. The Milk line has a soft, supple and soft texture, gives a moisturizing effect to the hair.
(From left to right) 
  • Freeze Keep Wax (Black)
  • Hard Wax (Chocolate)
  • Gross Milk

The Spray line gives a high sustainable finish effect with double coat formulated moisture. The packaging has a very cute heart shaped design on the top of the bottle.
The Whip line has a cute bottle design which resembles the shampoo container on the market. It has a water-based light foam texture that give moisture treatment to the hair.
(From left to right)
  • Carl Spray (Chocolate)
  • Gross Spray (White)
  • Keep Freeze Spray (Black)
  • Sea Curl Whip 
  • Light Wax Whip

There is a heart shaped design on the top of the bottle spray. Japanese loves to design cute packaging, do they? 

Spice NEO Series
Styling series consist of prepping products to the hair with serum mist and wax. Serum mist helps to protect the hair and enhance the styling style by using other styling products.
  • Soft Wax
  • Deco Make Wax
  • Nuance Serum Milk
  • Curl Deco Serum Mist
  • Hard Wax Serum Mist

Spice NEO Hair Sprays
  • Ridge and Volume Form
  • Soft Bouncy Form
  • Nuance Keep Spray
  • Freeze Keep

Spice NEO Freeze Keep Wax
  • Spice NEO Grease Wax
  • Spice NEO Hard Wax
  • SPICE Soft Wax
  • Spice NEO Fiber Wax

SHERPA series maintain the health of  treated hair with daily nourishing and moisturising. Damaged hair needs to be hydrated and enriched with essential nutrients in order to maintain the health of hair. The formula used in the Arimino Sherpa can help to transform the hair from dull and fragile to strong and shunt.
  • After Treatment Repair Milk
  • After Treatment Repair Foam
  • After Treatment Repair Mist

Ok, the photo is blurred but who cares? Both of us looked so pretty there LOL thick-face. 

Facebook: ARIMINO

As the workshop was carried out in Xixili boutique in Bangsar Village, there was a Perfect Fit Concept Session by Xixili on demonstrating the correct way to wear a bra. On top of that, I found out Xixili does bra alterations at their own factory. I've never know any you could make a bra size smaller LOL. You know, small breasts people like me have a huge problem, neither the cup size too big or the lower bust size too small. So, getting a right bra for yourself is important as a wrong fitting bra can cause your breasts to be distorted. 
At the end of the workshop, I FINALLY found the right size for my bra! Though it was a little expensive to buy a Xixili bra, I'd bought it with no hesitation at the very next visit to Xixili outlet in Mid Valley. Lesson learnt: Not every brand has the right size for me, and not every bra can fit me as well. 

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