The Lilac Box 4 Review


Disclaimer: I bought the beauty box and the review is based on my personal opinions. 

The Lilac Box is not new in the town and it is the only beauty box which only provides premium brands to the subscribers. I would not say other beauty boxes are bad because each beauty box has different target market and so, The Lilac Box targeted on the people who share their loves on premium brands. The subscriber fee is varied from month to month because it depends on the items given to the subscribers. 
Another interesting fact about Lilac Box is they could come out with special edition box such as The Decleor Concept Box and The Outdoor Survival Kit. I am super regret to miss out the Decleor Box because they are sold in a super fast pace.
So now you have a little brief on what is the Lilac Box so let's move on to the Box 4. Unlike any other beauty box out there, you wouldn't know what is inside the box until you open the cover and go "WOW" for everything. Lilac Box called these items 'blind dates" and hope the subscribers would love with their dates.

The box 4 is wrapped with Jimmy Choo FLASH ribbon and definitely, it looks classy with it. 

I've read a few reviews on the previous boxes and apparently this time, Lilac Box has changed the color to black. As the note below says, New Look, Same Idea: No brand & Reusable. I can reuse this box to organize my makeup items, maybe. Or maybe use it to gift someone else... Anyway, I love the black box because it looks classy. 

As I expected, there is a note from the Lilac Box team. I realized every beauty boxes has a small thank you or welcome note. 

So the unboxing moment has come. It is surprising to see one of my wishlist items is there: OPI nail polish. 
It is even more surprising when I see the range of products I've been long to get from SOTHYS. 

Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange Hand Therapy 25g Full Size

Crabtree & Evelyn has been appearing quite often in some of the beauty boxes these days so I would not be surprised Lilac Box has it as well. Hand creams from Crabtree & Evelyn has been my favourite ever since my first encounter with it during the launching in Pavilion. Not quite sure how good is this smell but my love will go to the Lavender and Evelyn Rose. 

(From left to right)
SOTHYS Hydra-nourishing Mask 15ml
SOTHYS Hydradvance Light Hydrating Cream 15ml
I've tried on these two during my last event with SOTHYS. The mask was so hydrating and I can feel my skin feel supple after using it. The light hydrating cream on the other hand, did not feel sticky nor greasy on my skin. Instead, it leaves a refreshing feel after applying on my face. 

No comments for the Loreal products below because I've never use them before. Though it is miniatures but I assume the hair spray can last the longest compared to the shampoo and mask. Shampoo and mask can last for two weeks if you don't wash your hair everyday. At least, that is workable for me.

Loreal Expert Liss Ultime Smoothing Shampoo 100ml

Loreal Expert Liss Ultime Smoothing Masque for Unmanageable Hair 75ml

Loreal Mademiuselle infinium Strong Hold Professional Hairspray 100ml

I missed the launched of Jimmy Choo Flash at G Tower few weeks back and here I see a sample from Jimmy Choo Flash! Though the smell is a little too strong for me but it is good to see it in the box.

This is a lighter scent of perfume by Jimmy Choo and I prefer this to be on daily wear basis. It is more feminine compared to Jimmy Choo FLASH. 

OPI Nail Lacquer Ya'll Come Back Ya Hear? 15ml Full Size
I went "OMFG THIS IS AWESOME!" on the very first moment I laid my eyes on this. I immediately put on the color on my nails to see the outcome and I love it. It is not a sharp nor dull orange. I forgot who mentioned this before but here is what she said, "You will love OPI and will love it deeper once you tried it." Yea, I agreed on you totally.

Ovarall Rating: ★★★★✩ 
Price: RM 50
Totally good lah LOL. There isn't any discount vouchers in the box and I feel relieved because having discount vouchers in a beauty box feel kind of cheapskate. The Lilac Box aimed at the premium brand remember? So I would not expect to see vouchers and sachets available in the box. It is surprising because I did not expect a full size OPI nail polish in the box. For your information, OPI is quite expensive. 
The perfume samples from Jimmy Choo are indeed, surprise me because FLASH is the latest collection of Perfume Collection. It is worth to get all these miniatures and full size items for just RM 50. I mean why not? RM 50 to get the premium brands items is cheap. I am looking forward for the Box 5 already. 
Personal Favourite: OPI Nail Lacquer Ya'll Come Back Ya Hear? 
I've read some of the Lilac Box subscribers got different colors and I have to say my luck is preety good on getting an orange one. Though it is not a sharp orange but still, the orange color looks nice on my short fingers LOL. 

For more information about Lilac Box, head on to these website. Do keep yourself update with their Facebook page as they are quite active on it.
Official Website
Facebook: Thelilacboc 

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