Yves Rocher Discovery Package @ Mid Valley


A quick update as I am really really lazy these days LOL. I promised myself for not being lazy but still, procrastination owns me. 
So last week was a lucky week. I won several prizes from a few competitions and one of it was from the Lilac Box Facebook. It was a makeover with photoshoot by Yves Rocher. 

Yves Rocher had a promotional booth at Mid Valley from 12th - 18th August 2013. The booth was decorated with flowery theme, gave me an illusion of waking into a garden. 

A small water fountain in the middle of the booth. 

After wandering for a few minutes, I claimed my prize by starting off with a skin moisture check. 
This is le bare face of mine, with a pair of contact lens/ 

A moisture test on the skin was done with Moisture Monitor and my skin before removing any excess dirt on my face. The meter showed 48.3% of moisture level on my face.

Fura, a promoter helped me to apply Hydra Vegetal range of products on my face. 
The products used on my face as as follow:
Hydrating Cleansing Milk
Hydrating Gel Cleanser
Hydrating Toner

Yves Rocher came out with a new range of skin care products: Anti-Age Global.
Complete Anti-aging Eye Care

Complete Anti-Aging Day Care & Night Care

My skin hydration level went up to 54.5% after applying the skin care products, though its not a significant number.

The pretty lady beside me was my makeup artist. She enhanced my feature by applying as little makeup as possible because I prefer to have natural makeup. I never get to know her name but she is friendly and bubbly. 

This is Fura, a friendly and bubbly girl to help me on skin moisture check. She even gave me tips on applying eye cream. 

A small photoshoot session will be here. I have never take any portrait photos before so I looked awkward in front of the photographer LOL. Still, a big thank you to him for guiding me on the poses and the results were amazing. I will update the portrait photos once I get the final results from them.
By the way, the photographers were from Pixel Perfect Studio at Desa Sri Hartamas.

Here is a closeup shot of me with the Yves Rocher makeup products. It was quite amazing the foundation was not sticky though I sweat a lot. You can see my dark circles are pretty bad there, but it was worse without the help of concealer. So what do you think of this make up? I rarely wear this kind of makeup one leh LOL. 

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