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Hello people! Sorry for MIA so long as I have been busy with games and recently I am back to my working life, so pardon me for neglecting a little for my blog. Thank you so much for my readers who are still coming back for this little page of mine.
I am going to share another hair workshop by AVEDA. Some of you might come across with AVEDA so if you would like a better understanding on AVEDA, check on my hair makeover experience with AVEDA.
I've learned adequate knowledge during my hair makeover session but after I've attended this workshop, I've learned more than I expected.

Hair Concerns
Some people are facing serious hair problems such as dandruff and hair dropping constantly. Do you know what causes your hair problems? A person with hair problem might have the condition below:
Other Factors
Hardening of collagen
Hormonal changes
No transmission from dermal papilla
Poor blood circulation
Hair follicle lacks of nutrients
Chemical & mechanical stress
Hair begins thinning and falls
Lifestyle stress
Eventually hair stops growing
Post pregnancy

Scalp disorder

INVATI system is suitable for thinning hair. It helps to energize and create a healthy scalp environment, reducing hair loss by 33% due to breakage. The products are 97% naturally derived from from herbs such as ginseng root, babassu and turmeric flower. Turmeric is thse star ingredient in INVATI and its known for its effectiveness in Ayurveda. INVATI is produced with the ancient Indian art of wellness and densiplex, an invigorating blend of Ayurvedic herbs, including turmeric and ginseng.
(From left to right)
  1. INVATI Exfoliating Shampoo helps to exfoliate build-up sebum and product residue
  2. INVATI Thickening Conditioner thicken, restore the strength and improve hair elasticity and thus, reducing breakage. 
  3. INVATI Scalp Revitalizer revitalize and rehabilitate the scalp and creating healthy hair

After a lovely presentation from Linda Lee, the General Manager of Aveda, we were given a 30 minutes time to style our hair and had a small photoshoot session. Linda gave us an insight of taking good care of the hair with the tips below:
  1. Do not scratch the scalp while shampooing
  2. Avoid uses brushes and combs with sharp edges
  3. Dry wet hair with tower gently, do not rub hard
  4. Always shampoo hair after swimming in in sea water or chlorinated water
  5. Choose a shampoo that suits your hair and scalp problems

Before hair makeover by myself

I've decided to have a little curl at the bottom of my har since my hair has two color tones: a darker tone at the top and lighter tone at the bottom of the hair. It is important to prep your hair properly before styling it. We were taught to prep and style our hair with 3 steps below:
  1. be curly Style-Prep - Protects the hair
  2. be curly Curl Enhancer - enhances the styling effects while styling with devices
  3. be curly Curl Enhancer Hair Spray - holds the curls at a longer period of time

After applying those products to my hair and I proceeded to curled my hair. Here is my end result.

AVEDA has comforting tea too. I love the peppermint smell and I found out it promotes one to become chillax.

Guess who is the lucky one to walk away the consolation prize?
Tada! It's the pretty babe Edazz. She one of the hottest girls in my friendlist LOL. 

Apparently I won from the contest lah, and I was surprised that I won it wtf. 

I used the RM 500 cash voucher to redeem skin care products from Aveda. I am looking forward to try on these products as I never heard before Aveda with its skin care products. (From left to right) 

  • Foaming cleanser
  • Lip Saver
  • Intensive Hydrating Masque
  • All-Sensitive Moisturizer

Lai Lai Lai, last picture of my face with my ombre hair LOL. See you soon~

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