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"Once You Go Bare, You Will Never Go Back"
Bubble Gum Wax provides waxing treatments for female and male. Oh yes, they have waxing services for the guys too! So if you want to get rid of your furry legs and yet you are afraid of doing it yourself, do come over to Bubble Gum Wax and I am pretty sure you wouldn't feel any pain while getting rid of your fur~
I took up the challenge by The Butterfly Project and I can proudly tell myself, I successfully challenged Brazilian Wax!

Buuble Gum Wax aims to revolve more around giving customer exactly on what they want regardless of time and cost. They chose the best wax for all their treatments and do not scrape on the quality of waxes and products.
Bubble Gum Wax provides two types of hair removal service, the waxing and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) services. Well, waxing is what we always heard and of course, we do need to wax off the unwanted hair once in a while as the hair will grow back.
IPL on the other hand, is a permanent hair removal method with the usage of light and heat. Several sessions of IPL can reduce the most of your body hair. Well, great efforts need to put a lot of  money too, IPL is more expensive than the usual waxing services.

Ice Cream is a must for the challengers in Bubble Gum Wax, hence a small ice cream party prepared for the Butterflies. 

Smexy cookies are always smexy. The letter B sort of represents a tattoo of Butterfly on the butt lol. 

Teriyaki sauce charcoal noodles from Little Wanton. I added too much Teriyaki sauce to the noodles and it tasted too salty..... Overall, the charcoal noodles was good. 

Ice Cream! So I D.I.Y this ice cream and I shall name it the Unforgettable Ice Cream, just because I would remember this day forever lol. 

A small contest was held whereby the Butterflies will redecorate an unwanted shoe box with the materials given. Only three winners will walk away with awesome prizes from Bubble Gum Waxing. Oh well, the basic criteria for winning the contest is the creativity on your shoe box. 

I did not take part in the contest because I forgot about it but then, it was fun to see how the Butterflies put their effort on redecorating their unwanted shoe box. 
Look at this Kah Mon, she was busy decorating her shoe box with a serious mode.  

On the other hand, we have this Charmaine who did not even know how to wrap the shoe box. She then happily decorated her shoe box after a tough moment of wrapping the outer layer of the shoe box. 

While the girls were busy decorating their shoe boxes, I was called to have my Brazilian Wax. 
It was my first time for the Brazilian Wax so I was excited and got worried at the same time. 
I was quite afraid of the pain for the Brazilian Wax as I've always heard of the painfulness you have to endure during the waxing process. 

The bed was line with clothes and paper I think? It was more hygienic than I thought. 

A Hygiene Wipe was provided to wipe off the private area part. Well you know, wipe before the treatment begins is always better. 

My wax expert is Joyce and she is super bubbly and friendly. Well a good Brazilian wax experience actually depends well on the interaction between the wax expert and the customer. Most of the first timer would either have bad or good experience and of course, a good skill wax erpert with positive attitude can help to ease the first timers. 
Joyce is too friendly that I thought I found another BFF wtf . Not all wax experts can be super friendly and bubbly at the same time. 

The white machine there contains the hot wax. The hot wax will be applied directly on the body parts and when the wax is cooled, it will be pulled out together with your unwanted hair.
A cooling liquid will be then to applied on your treatment area right after your hair was gone with the wax. 

Though it was my first time for Brazilian Wax. I am satisfied with the services given. The wax expert is so friendly that you would have forgotten your pain. There were painful moments but it did not last long as the  wax expert will first telling you when is she going to pull out your unwanted hair. I am quite addicted with the pain LOL. 

Off a side note here, maybe some of you do not know the meaning of soft wax and hard was.
First timer for Brazilian Wax will be recommended for hard wax as soft wax is slightly painful than the hard wax. Now let's take a step back and understand the difference between soft wax and hard wax.
Soft Wax
Soft wax is recommended to remove small and fine hair such as the hair on your face and arms. As for the Brazilian Waxing, soft wax is use to remove the thin hair around your panty line area. You can differentiate the soft wax and hard wax with its color because soft wax are usually in lighter yellow color compared to hard wax. 

Hard Wax
Hard wax is used to remove hard and thick hair and recommended for first timer in Brazilian Wax. Hard wax is usually in yellow orange color. Usually the hard wax will be be placed on the skin (with the unwanted hair) and pat lightly for the wax to dry and harden up. When the wax is all dried up and harden, the wax expert will pull the wax up with bare hand. Painful? Nah not really, it will be painful for like 1-2 seconds and you will get another "syok" sensation. It was fun LOL. 

You can refer to the price list here for Soft and Hard Wax treatments.
The pink column indicating the treatment prices for female while the grey column indicating the treatment prices for male. Yes! Guys, please wax because you will love the pain LOL.

Now back to the decorating part, this is the end result for Kah Mon's masterpiece. I like her concept of making the box into a candy shape. In fact, she won the second prize with her masterpiece. 

This is Jesslyn and she is too pretty like a doll. 

Nevertheless, thank you Mama-chan and the Butterfly Project Community for organizing the party. It is a whole new experience for me and I think I am liking with Brazilian Waxing ❤

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