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Ever wonder your hair needs extra like how you are treating to your skin? But sometimes, you just would not know what kind of nutrients are needed by your hair, am I right?
Now and then, your hair needs nutrients to stay glossy and healthy, but not frizzy like a lion. 
There is one place for you to seek advice and gives you the proper guidance to take care of your hair: Hair Depot. You may seek advice from the experts staff to diagnose your hair care needs and to prescribe with the proper products in order to achieve the desired condition for your hair. 

Hair Depot, a retailer of professional hair care, providing hair-related products such as Shampoo, Conditioner and Straightening Irons. It is like a 7/11 convenience shop for hair products. In Hair Depot, you can find most of the popular professional hair care products such as L'oreal, Schwarzkoof, Kerasys and Shiseido Fuento. 

This is Chris and she briefed the bloggers on the agenda of the day. She is friendly and to be frank, I love her hairstyle, it suits her very well. 

You can see most all the hair-related products everywhere in Hair Depot. You may see some of the well-known brands such as Wella and L'oreal. Hair Care such as shampoo, conditioner and hair masks can be seen on the shelves. One of the interesting hair care products are these, the THS Hair Milk series. Believe me or not, these has a deep vanilla scent that you would mistakenly thought it is the milk scent. 

Another interesting hair products that we found here, the Gevemia Milk-Hair-Care. The whole packaging looks like a dairy product in the supermarket. If you put this among the dairy products on supermarket shelves, I doubt people will think it is a hair care product. 

You can get hair dyes in Hair Depot. Some of these hair dyes can be seen at the hair saloon so worry not for your hair to be damaged tremendously after the application. 

These cute little things right here are hair dye masks. Could not believe it? 
Erayba Gamma G10 Color Ball Mask intensifies and maintains the colored hair. At the same time, it is a color hair mask which nourishes and gives softness to your colored hair. 

Well of course, you can DIY rainbow hair with hair chalk. You can choose whichever color you like and apply anywhere you want to the hair. Do make your hair strand to be damp with water before coloring the hair with hair chalk. 

Every now and then, you see girls and guys take time to style themselves before going out from home. Well, just a little change on your hair can make you to become a stylish person. 

OSIS+ Messed Up Matte Gum, with a can opener design which makes me feel like eating it. 

You style your hair and look goodin front of everyone, you have to take good care of your hair too. You wouldn't want your hair to be damaged and frizzy right? There is always a day where you don't feel like styling your hair but to present the very original look of you to everyone. So, do take good care of your hair because with frizzy hair, you can look like a monster. 
I can see one of my favourite brands, Wella SP Hair Care range on the shelves. I was thrilled to know the price to get these professional hair care products are cheap! These extensive hair care products such as hair masks, repair emulsions and leave-on conditioners are essential to keep out hair healthy. 

Another amazing intensive hair care product in L'oreal Mythic Oil. I've been reading reviews from a few bloggers raving on its benefits towards the hair. I thought of getting one but I considered not to hurt my purse for this month. 

Just when I thought Hair Depot ia all about hair, I found treasures! Hair Depot sells body care products too. This shelve has a whole range of CO.E Olive range of body care products, including shower gel, body lotion and salt bath. 

See that Kah Mon over there? She was amazed with beauty products there. 

They sell fake eye lashes too! I've always wanted to try on fake lashes because I am never good at wearing one. Yeap, I have difficulty on putting fake lashes on top of my real lashes LOL. But these lashes are just pretty! 

Apart of beauty products and hair accessories, you can find hair styling devices in Hair Depot. I've been eyeing on hair straightener and hair curler here so, I will be visiting Hair Depot soon to get my needs. These products are worth your money because you are paying an amount of money to enjoy quality products, so why not?

The bloggers took turn to have their hair scalp analysis to understand better on the scalp condition. 

Here is mine, though you can see a clearer image there but it was disgusting as I saw my pores filled with dirt. The analyst advised those who are having the same condition as mine to not apply the conditioner on the hair scalp, but to apply it on the hair root for more nutrients. 

Then there was a ahir styling session for the bloggers. This is le hair stylist who gave a slight touch on my hair. I do love slight curl at the end of my hair because I look cute lah. *self-praise* 

With Jean's super-camera, both of us looks awesomely pretty. Just look at our flawless skin~
And her long hair looks silky as always. 

Looks like a family portrait, right? But I wonder who are the grandparents here.... Hmm...

Lastly, we have a whole group of Butterflies here, nice hair styles for all right?

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Ending my post with my first outfit of the day.

Top Tee  - F block
Skater Skirt - H&M
Flat Wedges - Vincci
Mint Bracelet - H&M

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