CERRO QREEN Fibre Wool Makeup Brush Set (7 pcs) Review


Sorry for the delayed update peeps. I'm having a quite a stress yesterday but I know I shouldn't let my emotion take over my sanity. I always believe I'm tough enough but again, I can't walk out the nightmare like I wish.

Anyway, I would love to introduce my latest love of my brushes - Cerro Qreen Fibre Wool Makeup Brush Set. Thanks to Natta Cosme and I am now be able to throw away my old one and start to use the new one.

The parcel came with a durable box. Though the box isn't as colorful as other beauty boxes out there, but it certainly can be recreated into a makeup organizer. Just put a little patient in it and you will have a DIY makeup organizer.  

Natta Cosme included an interesting note with a brief introduction on Cerro Qreen brushes.

It was so much love to receive a Ferrero Rocher chocolate~ I'm glad I'm still being loved~

Here is the cosmetic case for the brush set. The case gives a feel of fake leather texture with a long strap wrapped along the case. This simple yet fashionable design is ready to rock your day with makeups!

The brushes were covered with a plastic wrapper but I took it out for better view.

Here are the 7 brushes in this set. It is kind of them to include three types of eyeshadow brushes but I would prefer they replace one of them to be lip brush. But no worries, CERRO QREEN has a few sets for your choices. You can find all these sets in Natta Cosme

The handles for the brushes are made from natural wood and yet they are protected from decolonization. These brushes are light weighted and it is easy for one to bring around.
The brush showed in the image is the big eyeshadow brush. I am used to use only one eyeshadow brush to blend in the eyeshadow colors. 

My favourite brush would be the fluffy powder brush. You can use it for blusher or powder foundation. The fluffiness is too nice! I have sensitive skin and easy to get irritated with the bad quality of the brush. But for this 0.05mm mini fibre brush with anti-bacterial property, my skin wouldn't get red easily. 

I'm loving with this brush already. It's so fluffy and soft compared to my previous one (lousy brand). The color of the blusher looks elegant on the brush and set the powder properly on the cheek. 

Well that orange blush definitely looks natural on me AHAHAHAH. Ok, I am that narcissism. By the way, say Hi to Rammie, he's a new member in my family.  

Special thanks to Natta Cosme for this wonderful makeup experience. 

Natta Cosme


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