Yadah Spring Festival Party with Butterflies


Weee! Before I am going to missing in action again, I'm going to update you a little on my second gathering of the year with the Butterflies.
Yadah is not a new brand for me as I've a few of their products before. It is a Korean brand that is targeting on teenagers and young adults (like me).
Ok, here is a picture to ease your eyes. The Butterflies were lucky to try all of these on that day~

Yadah is known for its natural & Authentic skincare solution for teenagers and young adults. This is Yadah on the go! Isn't she cute? She's the ambassador for for herself lol. For some reason, I love her eyes. That eyes......

We have Elaine Tan from Yadah to give us an insight about Yadah and the new product from Yadah.

This is a test on the sunblocks. We have Brand A, B and C here. Brand A and C are tinted sunblock and both of them has slight perfume scent. Compared with Brand B, it is in white liquid texture and gives a refreshing flower scent. It is light weighted and does not feel stickiness. It gives a mattifying finishing instead of the greasy feel like how a common sunblock will do. Though it is in white texture liquid, it is easy to spread onto the skin and does not leave white cast on the skin.

The secret of Brand B is Yadah Oh My Sun Block. It is a highly moisturizing UVA/UVB sun protector that helps to smooth and soften with light weighted matte finishing. It consists a lot of natural ingredients to protect the skin from harmful sun rays.

This is something that my friends are raving about - Yadah Sweet Milky Tint. This is Yadah's top seller receives lots of positive feedback from a lot of bloggers! It is moisturizing so worry not for it to dry up your lips. You can easily create Korean Gradient Lips with these tint. You can use the Sweet Pink (lighter shade on the right) to apply on the outer part of the lips, then use the Sweet Cherry (darker shade on the left) to dot on the top and bottom lips at the inner part of the lips.

Next up is the Yadah Bubble Deep Cleanser. This Bubble Deep Cleanser saves up a lot LOL. Just a pump from the cleanser and it is sufficient to apply on the whole face. It has a little of the citrus scent which I find the smell is acceptable. It claims to remove impurities and makeup effectively by just massaging the bubble onto the skin.

We did a little test by scribbling words on our palms with waterproof eyeliner. As you can see, Yadah Bubble Deep Cleanser does its magic by just massaging it onto the palm and wipe off the access with a piece of tissue. I don't feel the tightness when I'm using it, instead the skin felt more moisturizing than before. Do take note here, I have super dry and sensitive skin so I can easily test the moisturize effects of the products. I have yet to try this on my face because... I haven't finish my current cleansers (ssssss). 

The High-Lash Mascara and Bloom Mascara. Both of them are waterproof and smudge free mascaras. As the name says it all, High-Lash Mascara helps to lengthen the lashes while Bloom Mascara boosts the length and volume of the lashes. 

Yadah Lip Tint Balm. Three lip balm from the left give a hint of colors to your lips while the one on the right doesn't give any color to your lips. 

There was a mini contest, the first one to finish the food given is the winner. Before the contest began, we were asked to apply Yadah lip balm and to test on the long lasting effect. Well, I was the winner and I think most of the Butterflies that attended to the event was amazed with my gulping talent LOL. Anyway, even though I wiped my lips with a piece of tissue, I still can feel my lips were moisturized by the lip balm. 

That is one unnatural smile LOL. Both of us were rewarded with Yadah Brightening and Collagen Ampule. Just a little secret to share here, I'm using the Collagen Ampule and so far it does helping on getting smaller pores and more radiant skin. Brightening Ampule on the other hand, will be tested later on as my skin is sensitive towards products with brightening ingredients. 

Yadah Bubble Deep Cleanser and Vitamin Series. It is suitable for All Normal skin. 

Yadah Anti Trouble Series. You can refer to my previous post on the description. 
The Anti Trouble Spot cream is the highlight in this series, it is anti inflammation and heals my pimples without irritation. It doesn't stink too. 

Yadah Moisturizing Cactus Mist and Hand Cream. If you prefer to use spray as a toner, this is definitely your choice. 

Yadah Cleansing Nose Pack and Brightening Mask Pack. I used their masks before and I personally think it is good for instant refreshing and brightening feel. 

Yadah Angel BB Cream. Well I am not a BB Cream lover here, so I couldn't comment much on the it. However, the texture is quite light and easy to glide on the skin. 

Yadah Lovely Lip gloss. The colors are pretty and give a hint of Korean teenage feel. 

Yadah Natural Shampoo, Body Wash and Body Lotion.

We had unique food in Little Wanton and the reason of me using the word "unique" is because the food prepared for us is unique LOL. See the image at the bottom left? That is a Banana Chocolate Wanton. I mean Banana Chocolate fillings wrapped with Wanton skin.

Present you the Butterflies! It was a coincidence that Kah Mon and I were both wearing checkered shirts on that day. 

Do Re Mi Fa So~

Lastly, a whole family of the Butterflies!

Since Chinese New year is coming, I'm going to give Angpao to all of my readers. Here is an image of coupon that you can print it out and use it on all Yadah Product! You can get Yadah products at all SaSa outlets so enjoy peeps!

Signing off with my New Year Resolutions with Yadah!
P/S: I got my new wardrobe already TEEHEE!

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