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Busy women seek for fast and convenient steps to put on makeups. bloop launches 5 different colors of Limited Edition Duo Lipsticks that features on the theme of modernized Urban Chic lifestyle. The concept of the Duo lipstick is inspired from bringing the latest trends from Great Cities around the world. The 5 different Limited Edition Dup Lipsticks radiating smart, sexy, modern and all other aspects of a stylish and sophisticated city lifestyle.

As a working lady, I seek for a quick solution for makeups. I seldom put on makeups to work because I find it is troublesome. If I'm having a good mood to work, I would at least put on blushers and colored lip balm to work. Fortunately, I get to try on the bloop Urban Chic Duo Lipstick. I chose the most natural shade for everyday makeup look and I'm quite impressed of its features. 

bloop Urban Chic Duo Lipstick has a unique "push-up" packaging design for the lipstick and lip gloss. Both lipstick and lip gloss promise to give the benefits stated below:
  • Safe & long lasting
  • Hydrates & moisturizes at all times
  • Smooth and even the lips
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines on the lips

The packaging for the box is quite common. What attracts me the most is the front design of the box that has a random splash art with Visa stamps on it. 

The color swipe on the palm shows light brown shade. In fact, the lipstick itself is in light brown. It is in matte texture and leaves a hydrating feel on the lips. 

On the other hand, the clear lip gloss does not leaves a oily feel on the lips. It is not sticky as I thought but if your hair accidentally stick on the lips, it will still be sticky lah. But worry not, the lip gloss will not have the sticky and oily feel after your touch it. The lip gloss does not have strong scent nor fruit taste. 

Although the lipstick showed a dark maroon color but when I applied it to the lips, it gives a very natural color. The lip gloss gives a hint of shines to the lips and covers up the fine lines on the lips. The best of all, even if I wiped off the lipstick and lip gloss, a hint of healthy pink shade was left on the lips. 

It is convenient for you to just put the lipstick in your handbag because it doesn't take much space as you thought. You do not need to bring another lip gloss around as you already have a duo lipstick.  This duo lipstick only pried at RM 38 and can be used up to 2 - 3 months (if you use it everyday).

This lipstick is perfect for everyday makeup look. If you are looking for a natural make up, this color shade suits you as well. This lipstick does hydrates the lips however, it is not long lasting. Most of the color can be wiped off with tissue. Touching up the lips with lip gloss will instant give a smooth lips and reduces the appearance of fine lines on the lips. 

There are other colors from Urban Chic Duo lipstick series as well: 

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