L'OCCITANE Angelica Hydra Vital Cream and Hydra Vital Gel Review


Choosing a right moisturizer that suits my taste is relatively hard. I'm having sensitive skin and the cheek area is dehydrated. I've been searching for a moisturizer that doesn't leave a greasy or sticky feeling after the application. Most importantly, I need to feed my skin a lot of water. Hydration is my main priority in searching for a moisturizer. 

Just when I'm going to finish the current moisturizer, I'm feeling grateful for receiving two new new products from L'OCCITANE. Thanks to The Butterfly Project for the review campaign and I'm able to treat my skin properly with two decent moisturizers.

L'OCCITANE introduced two new products from the Angelica Range: Hydra Vital Cream and Hydra Vital Gel. Hydra Vital Cream is reformulated with angelica seed extracts while Hydra Vital Gel is a newly launched product for those who prefer cold gel texture. 

L'OCCITANE uses two essential patents in the Angelica range of products. Both patents aim to deliver the exceptional moisturizing power from the Angelica plant. This innovative patents filed by L'OCCITANE Botanical Expertise Laboratory to make the skin looks more radiant, smooth and plump while providing long lasting hydration to the skin. 

In year 2010, L'OCCITANE patented the combination of two extracts derived from the roots of organic angelica:
  • Organic Angelica Water boosts the circulation of water in skin cells 
  • Organic angelica essential oil helps protect skin against free radicals and improves the elasticity of skin fibers. 
In 2014, it is glad to know that L'OCCITANE Botanical Expertise Laboratory patented the exceptional moisturizing power of angelica seeds. The extracts derived from the angelica seeds stimulate the production of versican. Versican has a regulating function that ensures a long-lasting and a balanced level of hydration

Angelica Seeds From the Drôme Region in France 

Angelica Seeds boasts vitality and growth. It can reach a height of almost two metres in just a few days due to its exceptional capacity of self-hydration.

Organic Angelica from the Drôme Region has hydrating and revitalizing properties and been selected by L’OCCITANE for its moisturizing range.

Hydra Vital Cream (NEW FORMULA) 
  1. Offers long-lasting moisturization (48 Hours) 
  2. Immediately, the skin looks more radiant and remains durably moisturized 
  3. Restores comfort and a natural glow, leaving skin plumper, smoother and radiant. 
  4. After 28 days of use, skin feels protected against environmental stresses and smoother.
Hydra Vital Gel (NEW PRODUCT) 
  1. 24-Hour hydration to the skin 
  2. Immediately, skin recovers its natural glow and looks revitalized 
  3. Envelops skin in freshness and restores radiance and vitality all day long. 
  4. After 28 days of use, skin is supple and the complexion looks fresher

It was hard to differentiate both of them after the application. Though one is in cream texture while another one is in gel-like texture, both leave the same green tea scent and cooling sensation after application. They don't leave sticky nor greasy after application. 

Hydra Vital Cream (NEW FORMULA) 
First Impression: 
  • Green Tea Scent 
  • Creamy texture 
  • Cooling sensation after application 
  • Non-greasy after application 
  • Small amount is needed to cover the whole face 
  • Easy to spread to whole face
Hydra Vital Gel (NEW PRODUCT) 
First Impression:
  • Green Tea Scent 
  • Gel-like and watery texture 
  • Instant cooling sensation after application 
  • Non-sticky after application 
  • Small amount is needed to cover the whole face 
  • Easy to spread to whole face

Here's an image of showing the instant result after using the Hydra Vital Gel. The skin on the right is more moisturized compared to the one at the left. The skin also tends to look smoother with less wrinkles on it. 

I've been using Hydra Vital Cream as day cream and Hydra Vital Gel as night gel. I spend most of the time in an air-conditioned room so I felt Hydra Vital Cream is able to prevent water loss in my skin. On the other hand, I use Hydra Vital Gel at night to restore skin's natural glow and helps in skin renewal during beauty sleep. 

Hydra Vital Cream during day time
Hydra Vital Gel during night time
My take on these products:
Both are relatively good investments because they will make your skin feel alive again. What amazed me is the matte finishing from both moisturizers. I thought the face would feel sticky or greasy after application but these products proved me wrong. 
Initially I thought these products might not suitable for my sensitive skin but after using them, my skin is getting better and feel more hydrated than before. 
The only drawback for these products is the price. They can be quite pricey because a bottle is costs more than RM 150. 

Before I end my review, I have something nice for you girls. L'OCCITANE Facebook is having a giveaway on FREE Angelica sample kit. All you need to do is to use your Facebook account and redeem the sample kit!

Click on this link or the image below for the Giveaway: http://goo.gl/V9oe79


Where to purchase: 

Angelica Hydra Vital Cream RM 184 @ 50ml 
Angelica Hydra Vital Gel RM163 @ 50ml 

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