September Fashion Culture Box: Young & Fun Review


Teehee~~~ I knew September was gone for a very long time but I would still want to share the loves I received from Fashion Culture Box. It is pretty awesome to receive different types of accessories in monthly basis because you can always mix and match them with your daily outfit. 

The September version of Fashion Culture Box has three themes: 
  • Young and Fun
  • Luxe and Glam
  • Casual and Contemporary
The Young and Fun themed accessories are all about fun and being young. These accessories are in daring colors in order to encourage one to be daring with own fashion style. 

The Luxe and Glam prepares accessories that has gold, diamonds and pearls. These glamour touch of accessories can transform an ordinary girl into a diva over the red carpet. 

On the other hand, the Casual and Contemporary box features accessories that can be mix and match for daily outfit. The simple, modern yet sophisticated simply makes one to look like a trend setter. 

I picked up the Young and Fun themed accessories from Fashion Culture Box and let's have a look on what we have here~~~

My love in this box: Collar Pin. The color match up on using gold and orange red is brilliant and I love that it gives a fun yet classy feel on the shirt. It also gives a very boyish feel when I'm matching this collar pin with my jeans shirt. 

Next up, the simple necklace with striking orange color. It is best to match up with plain and simple outfit in order to bring out the cheekiness in yourself.  

The main item of the box is a free sized cropped top. The design is referring to the latest baseball trend among the youngsters. Mine is a cropped top with number 76 printed in front of the shirt. 

There are two extra products included in the box, which are the Shokubutsu Shower sachets and bloop nail stickers. Since these items often make their appearances in the boxes, I will skip the introduction on both of them~

For those who want to get themselves a Fashion Culture Box, ensure you key in the promotional code: FCB-FUR-9911 to entitle 10% off discounts for the box you chose and FREE Shipping cost!

Fashion Culture Box 

Where to purchase: Fashion Culture Online Store

Young & Fun: RM50
Luxe & Glam: RM60
Casual & Contemporary: RM60

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