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I often search for skincare products with natural ingredients due to my sensitive skin nature. I would prefer to look after products without Parabens in cosmetics and cosmetics. Though some brands claimed to be made from natural ingredients, I wouldn't sure the products are make from 100% natural ingredients.

I read a few reviews about 100% Pure and I was pretty excited on its cosmetics, especially on the lip products. Not long ago, I was fortunate to receive products from 100% Pure and get to try the skincare products recommended for my skin.

100% Pure aims to create healthy products for the body and also for the environment. The ingredients found in the products are at highest quality and free from harmful toxins. The brand also carries skin care products that are cruelty free too! The testing process from ingredients to packaging are 100 cruelty free and biodegradable. You can check out their testing process here.

I'm going to review these three sample products sent from 100% Pure:

  • Organic Coffee Caffeine Eye Cream
  • Purity Facial Cleanser and Mask
  • Brightening Scrub and Mask

You may or may not know about this, 100% Pure has pretty decent quality on the cosmetics too. Their colored cosmetics are made from antioxidant rich fruit and vegetable pigments, while the others are colored with either synthetic dyes or minerals. Pretty amazing huh?

Now let's back to the review on the products that I've received:

Brightening Scrub + Mask (here)
Price: RM 109.00
Net Weight: 118ml
Where to purchase: 100% Pure Website
Main Ingredient: Jojoba beads, Bearberry, Vitamin C, Lemon Juice, and Strawberries
Functions:  Jojoba beads as a gentle exfoliant to buff away dullness and dead skin cells. This is a nourishing facial mask that helps to rejuvenate the skin to look healthier.

Not the best scrub but it has the best smell ever! I tend to use this 3 times a week and my pores are getting smaller. It has some brightening agent in the ingredients but, my skin don't feel tingly or sensitive after using it. The beads in the scrub do not hurt the face at all. The beads melt when in contact with water, leaving the skin feeling fresh and smooth after washing off the scrub. 

Purity Cleanser + Mask (here)
Skin Type: Acne Skin
Price: RM 109.00
Net Weight: 118ml
Where to purchase: 100% Pure Website
Main Ingredient: Detoxifying Essential Oil, Seaweeds, Purifying Herbs
Functions: Wash away makeup, impurities and kill the acne causing bacteria in skin. It helps to protect future breakouts.

The texture and color remind me of GLAMGLOW Youth Mud Mask. This mask has a mixture of green tea and peppermint scent, making my face feeling cool during mask time. I like how my skin feels after usage but I don't like it when the mask tightens my face. It makes me hard to make any silly facial expression LOL. I would suggest to leave this mask on the face for about 3-5 minutes for maximum effect. The mask is super easy to wash off too! When the mask gets in contact with water, it turns to a cleanser and forms bubbles easily too. Is there any bad thing about this? Not really, I love this! My only hesitation to get this cleanser is the price. 

Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream (here)
Price: RM 99.00
Net Weight: 30ml
Where to purchase: 100% Pure Website
Main Ingredient: Organic Green Tea, Extracts of Coffee Cherry, Rosehip Oil and Vitamin E
Functions: De-puffs and reduces swelling while increasing circulation to alleviate and brighten dark circles.

I have eye bags from young. I have my mom's gene and it is hard for me to get rid of the eye bags and dark circles. I don't see a huge improvement in this eye cream, perhaps my condition is far worse than I thought. As the name says so, it has a very strong coffee scent and I don't like it lol. I prefer to have fruity scent than to smell like a walking coffee. It is easy to spread under the eye areas and my skin does absorbs the eye cream easily. My under eye areas did improved to have smoother texture than before after using the eye cream. 

Disclaimer: The products were provided from PR for review purposes. The content written in the blog is my own opinions. 

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