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Jiang Jiang! First post in 2 months time! I know I have been missing in action for a very long time and of course, the traffic for my blog decrease too. Well, I guess it is time to revive my baby blog and hopefully, you enjoy this post of mine. 

If you follow closely on my Facebook and Instagram, you should know I traveled to three Europe countries for 10 days. It was truly an eye-opening trip. The European cultures stand out so much that I constantly compared it with the Malaysian culture, and yeap, I know why Malaysia is considered as a Third-World country, or even lower? 

Anyway~ Back to the topic and yes! I traveled to Germany, France and Holland in 10 days time. I will share my experience in these countries in the next few posts, but I'm eager to show you all the babies that I've purchased from these countries. 

P/S: Please do not convert the currency because you won't be able to enjoy as much you you can. 

Hauls from Berlin, Germany

I got these from Kaufhaus des Westens ( KaDeWe). KeDeWe is the largest department store in Berlin and has every luxury brand you can name of. Initially thought of just getting Rouge Pur Couture shade 52, but ended up getting Rouge Pur Couture shade 51 and Rouge Volupté shade 15.
  • Rouge Pur Couture (51) - 35 Euro
  • Rouge Volupté (15) - 37 Euro

I shopped a lot at Primark, one of the biggest Irish clothing retailer in Europe. Everything is so cheap at Primark, and their fashionable items just won't stop calling you to buy them home. Shopping at Europe entitles you a Tax refund for all the merchandise purchased within Europe, so please remember to get a Tax Refund Form from Primark. 
  • Sweet Vanilla and Coconut Scented Candle - 3 Euro
  • White Tea and Leony Scented Candle - 1 Euro

  • Faux Fur Trapper (Black) - 6 Euro
  • 2 packs of gloves - 1.50 Euro
  • Grey Infinity Scarf - 8 Euro

  • PU Leather Biker Jacket - 14 Euro
  • Grey leggings - 4 Euro

  • Choker necklace - 2 Euro
  • One piece necklace - 1 Euro

  • RIP Superman Tee - 8 Euro
  • Captain America Shield Tee - 8 Euro

  • Mono Pattern Cape - 9 Euro

AND! Perhaps some of you knew the purpose of my Europe trip is to watch the Grand Finals live for  League of Legends Worlds Championship 2015. It was a super fun experience and I definitely will share my thoughts about it soon. So before we move on to the shopping haul at Paris, let me show you the stuffs that I bought from this Worlds Championship 2015. Thanks to my colleague who stopped me from buying more merchandise, else I could have wasted half of my trip money for these adorable merchandise.

From top left to bottom right
  • Heimerdinger figurine - FOC for every ticket holder
  • Leona figurine - 25 Euro
  • Championship Thresh figurine - 30 Euro
  • 2 Gnar plushies - 60 Euro
  • Draven Poro - 20 Euro 
  • Championship Kalista Cup - FOC for every ticket holder
  • Thresh Tee - 25 Euro
  • Kog'maw Dreams Tee - 25 Euro
  • 2 Worlds 2015 Tee - 60 Euro

That's it for my haul in Berlin. I spent more than I expected in Berlin and I had to shop wisely for the next few days in the Europe countries. I would like to use credit card but.... The f*cking bank canceled the card I was holding and told me they are sending me a new one. I felt my life was wasted throughout the entire trip....

Hauls from Paris, France

I went to Paris Disneyland. Well, it is not necessary to get anything from the Disneyland, but being a girl, I just had to buy something.... 
  • Mickey Mouse Sweater with Hoodie - 44.99 Euro
  • Mickey Mouse Gloves (Paris) - 11.99 Euro

  • Mickey Mouse Necklace (October) - 17.99 Euro
  • Mickey Mouse Ring - 19.99
  • Mickey Mouse Necklace (December) - 17.99 Euro

My favourite item of all, the Tom Ford spectacles. Thanks to Shirley, I mean it, for converting me into falling in love with this little devil. I got this from Champs-Élysées, the shopping heaven for all luxury brands. You can get Tom Ford in Malaysia but you hardly can find the latest fashion here. 
  • Tom Ford Square Optic Frame (FT5316) - 213 Euro (After Tax refund is 188 Euro)

Hauls from Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam, what a lovely city. Though I could not enjoy the most at Amsterdam due to its chilling weather, but this is the most relaxing trip ever. I didn't buy lots of stuff from Amsterdam, but I strongly recommend you to bring back sausages at the convenient stores and cheese from the Cheese Museum. You heard it right, Cheese Museum. I regretted for not bringing back Rookworst (Dutch sausage) and I am missing it already ●︿● 

The Schiphol Airport at Amsterdam sells Cheese and Sausages, but they are slightly pricey than the one in the convenient stores. So be sure to get it from the convenient stores and ensure it is sealed so you can out it in your check-in luggage. 
  • Klaver Roem Cheese - 7.53 Euro
  • Smoke Ham Cheese - Should be around 9 Euro

  • Disney Chocolate from the airport - 5 Euro

If you need YSL lipsticks, do get them at the Schiphol Airport. The prices here are way cheaper than KaDeWe and it has more stocks too! I'm lucky enough to get this last piece of Rouge Pur Couture (52) from the airport. 
  • Rouge Pur Couture (52) - 27 Euro

Total Damage and Verdict

I spent 756.98 Euro.... That is more than what I've expected. Oh well, I guess shopping in Europe requires more than that. I did not purchase any branded stuffs because I've reached my quota and I'm not really a fan of branded bags. Though they are pretty, but it would be dangerous to bring it around in KL area LOL. 

I love the cities. I can't wait to share my experience to all of you but first, let's get rid of my laziness. There's so much more to explore in Europe and I REALLY HOPE THE CURRENCY WON'T DROP IT LIKE THE WATERFALL! Oh boy, come to think of it, all of us know who to blame for it :D

Anyway, when you are travel to other countries, do not convert the currency. Spend whatever you've prepared and of course! Be wise for all your expenses. Here's a motto for you: Spend first, save later. 

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