I am FurFer is a personal blog owned by Jennifer Hew Sheau Thin. I am not a full-time blogger and my interest in blogging is to share my thoughts and experience to others. Products received or bought are reviewed based on my personal experience, and I do not hold any responsibility if the products are not suitable for you. 

I am FurFer accepts sponsorship and other forms of compensation, however, the sponsored products or compensated benefits will not influence my opinions on them. I choose to accept or decline the brands that I would love to work with and ensure there is no conflict of interest. 


All the content and images in www.iamfurfer.com are the intellectual property of the author, Jennifer Hew (unless being stated). The content and images are prohibited from being recreated or distributed online without prior notication. If you are interested to use my content without prior notification, please credit my name or my website. Please take note the usage of unauthorized content or images without credits are infringing my copyright.


Companies regularly send me products to review them. The products ranges from samples to full-size products. I will share my personal opinions on the products, which includes my thoughts, pros and cons on the products. Most of the products have pros and cons, and I do not guarantee for positive reviews nor do I accept paid-positive reviews.

I am not a full-time blogger and I do need time to review products according to the timeline given. Please bear with this because I need time to experience the best results from the products given. I may be able to negotiate the terms and conditions for your offer but I hold the full decision to accept or decline your offer.

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For more information about collaboration, please write to me at jennifer.hew06@gmail.com.

The content was updated on 26 March 2017 and is subject to change at any time without prior notice. 

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