♣ Precious Friendship ♣


I am lucky to have you all in my life.
Thanks for being there with me, always.

I missed the crazy moments we had during our high school
I missed the days when we hanged out together just to play "staring" game with the hawt guys
I missed the fun time in the "blowing water" sessions

As time goes by, we got a lil' bit busier than before and we tend to forget each other.
New friends been coming in and out in our life and the old ones have been neglected.
But still, we have come together at this time and thanks honey, you all are treating me good.

For the boys,
we are always good buddies, aren't we?
Actions are more than words, so I don't need to type too much for you guys.

For the girls,
we have lots of dirty secrets to share and we tend to get excited about it, I believe.
I feel glad to have someone to speak to when I'm emotional unstable,
and I do feel happy when someone is there for me to whine on.

Thank you babes and hunks,
I love you all.

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