♣ Happy Wedding 010911 ♣


Instead of celebrating Merdeka in K.L, I spent my time in Melacca by having buffet in my cousin's house.

1st September, a very memorable date for my cousin brother and his wifey.
Let's have the photos tell the story.

Oh yeah, me and my sister snapped random photos with random people.
I felt kinda sorry to my cousin brother and his wifey and that is because, I did not manage to snap a photo with them! Urgh, I missed the chance of showing  how nice was the bride's dresses. As for the night, I'm having so much fun on EATING! The food was awesome especially the shark fin soup.

Here comes the food! 

Happy wedding cousin brother and his wifey.
May Gold bless both of you for everything in your future life.

Another wedding celebration from my cousin sister will be on 17th September. Stay tune!

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