♣ Paul Van Dyk @ XPLAY Future Sound System ♣


Straight to the point, Paul Van Dyk was here! I'm not a hardcore Trance lover but, Paul sure did know how to spin that record and make everyone went ga-ga.

Thanks to my pretty friend, Eileen, got me a chance to work and enjoy PVD's amazing spinning skills. The line up for that night was pretty awesome amd its better than THIRST 2010 (Sorry to say that but it's true).

Here is one of my favourite song from PVD - For An Angel

Hail to the part-timers!

 Hey bud, you look prety awesome right here.

Thanks Eileen!

 Check out Paul Van Dyk via Facebook and Twitter!

Good news for trance lovers, THIRST 2011 has confirmed DJ Tiesto is coming to spin your way up to heaven!
Click HERE for more info!
Got your ticket at AirAsiaRedTix.com
(Can't wait to see Tiesto now!)

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