♣ Universal Studio @ 21st Buttday ♣


Best shot ever

Yoooohooooo!!!!! This blog post will be flooded with lots of photos taken by Cheetah. Thanks!
I had a lot of fun although we got to stay in Universal Studio for only 5 hours. 

So yeah, we entered USS to explore the seven zones.
First stop: Hollywood

Second stop: New York

Third stop: Sci-Fi City

Too bad, I did not go for the roller coaster, which is the HUMAN VS CYLON

Forth stop: Ancient Egypt

The Revenge of the Mummy was awesome! In case you don't know, it is a roller coaster in the dark. It's the best roller coaster I ever had until now. 

Fifth stop: The Lost World

Water World show was amazing. I was impressed by the actors and effects shown during the show.

Sixth stop: Far Far Away

Shrek 4D Adventure was up to my expectation. Not only the 3D effects are way better than the one in Malaysia's cinemas, The 4D experience was unexpected. I am pretty sure my lecturer got amazed by it. (He did some funny stuff during the show)

Seven stop: Madagascar

That's the end of journey in Universal Studio Singapore. It is fun to travel around and enjoy the time with my fellow classmates. Still, home sweet home, I love the feeling when I got back to Malaysia. Hope to travel again!

P/S: Thank you for all the Birthday wishes

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