♣ Immersing in Dragon Nest ♣


It's been two months since my last update about Dragon Nest. Yeah, I have been immersing myself into this game too much, till I almost forgot to update about it. Well, you see, there were a lot of new dungeons and features after the Minotour Nest patch. So, a sneak peak for the patch before Saint Haven launch.

Wonderful Theme Park
A place for the adventurers to have a break from saving the world.

Dark Lair
I called this as Duck Lair, where the final boss is to kill a Duck? Yeah, a crazy duck.
The adventurers need to protect the Goddess Altea from the monster in Boundary of Jealousy.

Ghoul Mode
Remember Zombie Mode in Left 4 Dead? It's similar to that and wola! Time to bite some food.

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