♣ Sugar Glider is not easy as 123 ♣


My sister brought a joey home and she was so adorable. She was only 3 months old and still mini tiny that you would want to hold her in your hand 24 hours. 

I'm actually afraid to touch a rat-a-like pet because I find myself don't really like them. But hey, a sugar glider is not a rat and I decided to have Joowee to climb on me. 
(Joowee is the name of the baby girl joey)
Sadly, we lost Joowee after 9 days. We were all newbies and we did not know anything about the symptoms that Joowee had. She has been having diarrhea for 4 days and we failed to bring her to the vet. Baby Joowee is like our child and even my boyfie got attached to it. 
I'm sorry for not having you to meet the vet earlier, I love you, always. 

Hit on this site to understand sugar gliders, it's the best site ever for me to know about sugar glider:

Why r u so adorable <3

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