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I'm not sure whether graduated fellas or my other friends encounter this. Apparently me and my bestie, Ju had these wonderful moments while we returned to college as level 3 students.

So what if I'm a level three student? I'm majoring in Media Marketing, which means I have more knowledge on Media industry and less on Marketing. How could you expect me to understand every aspect of Marketing where the college only offers me to study this:

Hello! We are not Google ok? We are not book writers either. Even the book writers could not possible to cover every aspect of Marketing and you think we, as Media students can understand every Marketing term you mentioned. Please too, your dramatic gestures forced us to have nightmares so show them to someone else, thank you.

Dear lovely lecturers, 

Aren't suppose Media students handling more practical works than writing essays in the exam?
Aren't suppose Media students have more exposure and internships instead of providing imaginary scenes in the exam?
Aren't suppose Media students have more first hand experience throughout the events rather than studying in a super duper cold room?

Signing off,
Your beloved student, FurFer

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  1. im Media Informatics student
    but y am i attending MKTG class?!!!!!
    wtf is tat!!!!!


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