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Out of no where, Yen asked me to join her Cameron Trip. That was pretty shocking because I haven't really hang out with for a year? It suppose to be a double date trip but it turned out to be another way. Sigh, boyfie~ #YUNO accompany me?

Our hero of the day was that! Chang Chang! The GPS Navigator. We took for about 4 hours of time to reach Cameron Highlands. 

Three little cute Mini Coopers

Strawberry Strudel @ Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe.
It only costs RM 7.90 per piece. The strawberry tasted juicy and look at the cream! That is one of the best way to gain weight. There aer strawberry and lemon sauce to enhance the taste from the cake. One bite could instantly feel the crunchiness of the strudel.

Other than cakes, there was lunch provided as well. Mr. Keith ordered the Western set lunch but it was not that recommended to eat. It tasted a bit weird for the fries and chip. 

Tada! Look what we have here. It's the strawberries!!! They are pretty cheap and they tasted to juicy and sweet. I couldn't help myself to have more than one, although I don't really like strawberries. 2 packs for RM10, with such amount of strawberries, nothing else can I say than WORTH!

Our dinner was the hot pot from OK Tuck Restaurant. I would rate it 4 stars as the food over there were fresh and reasonable pricing. We ordered Tom Yam and Herba soup with three person shared of food, and it only cost us RM50. #YUNO cheap in K.L. 

One of the best entertainment throughout the night, the XBOX!

The guys were playing Gear of War 3. Highly Recommended game among of all RPG games!

Thank you gentlemen, for teaching the girls to be bad kids. We got to play Poker and it was my first time. It was fun but everyone turned out to be tired after the kinect games from Mr. Sheep.

 Dang, before we head on to the BOH Tea farm. We had our breakfast. Took a few photos of mine and I have to be quite "thick-face" this time, I look super "chio". MUAHAHAHAHAHAH.

So I had these as my breakfast. Best among all was the porridge, may be was because of the cold morning and thought of having hot porridge is the best.

I still can't figure it out what species is this.

Awesome? Looks kinda creepy though.

Look at the humans! So eenie meenie and tiny.

There were a lot of photos taken but all of them were stored safely in Mr. Sheep and Mr. Keith's cameras~~~ When shall I retrieved all the best shots huh? Well, to be updated once the photos are back.

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  1. Nice pics leh *thumbs up*

  2. Did you miss out this cool place? - Gallery House of Magic Potions- Aromatherapy from Nano Micro-fungus. Located in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands. The link page at http://www.deegate.com

  3. always good food..perhaps another good reason to be coming back to CH is Gallery House of Magic Potions at Taman Royal Lily, Tanah Rata


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