♣ Raid Nests in Dragon Nest ♣


 Phew~ I almost forgot to update a little news on the Dragon Nest. Although this is not a guide post or what-so-ever, I find it to be interesting for others to know what I have been up to. There isn't any huge changes in the game, except having new stages in theme park and more nests.  

In this new patch, players get to try on the horses! Yes, ride on horses and run faster than anyone in the town~
Apart of releasing level 40 cap, there are new dungeons available for better grinding spot and loots. Unfortunately, the dungeons are getting bigger than the rest. Not only players have to spend more time in the dungeon, the creeps are having greater super armor. Thanks to AikawaKazu's guide, things are getting easier and funnier. Click HERE to read interesting guides from him.

Manticore Nest
It's a wilder version of manticore compared to the level 24 manticore. This Black Manticore sure does a lot of deadful damages if one does not know about his attack patterns.

Apocalypse Nest
Too bad, it's not a zombie Apocalypse, but it's this, a head. A head with tentacles, which is a little bit of disgusting. Do check out the video on killing the uber big head boss. Do have lots of running and watch out for the tentacles!

It's not that easy to survive in the Apocalypse nest, since I'm pretty "taufu" and I will die just by two hits from the boss. So, it's time to gear up and probably start to slack and having some random posts regarding activities could be done in the game (except for PVP-ers).

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