♣ Simple but delicious egg for breakfast♣


I used to skip breakfast and wait till lunch hour and grab all the food back in year 2008. Else, my mom would just prepare bread with peanut butter jam/strawberry jam on the table in case I forgot to have my breakfast. Nevertheless, I did had them but I got bored of having the same menu all over again. 

Until few days ago, I found this cute secret recipe from Qristina Lim's Facebook. She shared a simple recipe on breakfast and it looks delicious. Here is the link for her recipe: Simple and Quick Egg
Click HERE to know more about Qristina Lim.  

TADA! Here is my egg! I only did one though (you can make as many as you can, if you love eggs so much). I did a a lilttle changes to the ingredients and the egg turned out to be awesome. Well, at least the egg tasted awesome for me (I know I need to get a camera T_T).

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  1. when u wanna cook for the entire team of us to eat?

  2. R u sirius? I only cook for my hubby MUAHAHHA

  3. wah u kopek the egg into half? pro :)


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