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 This is so far, the best comedy romance movie that I ever watched. I had most of my time laughing out loud in the cinema and truly, not regret on watching this in cinema. The movie may not have good scripts but it is amazing that the script writers used a different approach to write the scripts.

Lauren met Tuck and FDR at a day and no doubt, both of the hot guys were interested in Lauren. Things got complicated when both of them knew they were dating the same women. Since the gentlemen were the CIA agents, they fully utilised their resources from the CIA and of course, there were a lot of humours going on throughout the process of getting Lauren's love. Both of them even set the rules and soon, decided to unfriend each other. On the other hand, Lauren fell for them at the same time and couldn't decide who to be her true boyfriend. Trish at the other side "guided' Lauren on choosing the Mr. Right among Tuck and FDR. Trish had me reminded of the 9GAG joke on the bastard friends that bring us joys among our friends. So here is the thing, Who is her true love? Are Tuck and FDR going to unfriend each other forever?Is Lauren going to find out Tuck and FDR were actually BFF?

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Point of view
It is a comedy romace movie, all the reviews I read on were not positive and I bet lots of people would rather download or stream online. The plot is predictable and not hard to see stereotyping issues in the movie. Tuck was being portrayed as the very kind man and jokes on being a British. FDR was being seen as a playboy who do not believe in true love but only sex with women. Nevertheless, it is not hard to see that the guys are trying hard to win over the girl's heart with any means. Though some might not agree on my saying but as far as I know, a guy is willingly to do anything for the girl he likes  before he could officially "own" the girl. That is also with condition that the girl also has feelings towards the guy. Having to say that if you are not into romance and comedy kind of person, this would not be a good movie for you. In fact, this is just a movie for you to kill the precious time.

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