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I couldn't remember when was then last time I watched the movies directed by Wong Chin but I love most of his movies, especially the movies with gamble stories. Mr and Mrs Gambler goes like this,ShuKei (舒奇) and HiongHiong (香香) were both intensive gamblers and gamble on every second they had. ShuKei and Hiong Hiong had some grudge on each other and decided to settle with gambling. However, HiongHiong and ShuKei both lost and had themselves being locked up by the loan shark. At one point, HiongHiong thought ShuKei was dead because he accidentally swallowed a piece chicken bone.Later on, ShuKei met HiongHiong back while he was taking a part time job as an actor. He decided to marry Hiong Hiong and happily ever after.

However, ShuKei became rich and having scandal with Michelle. Seriously?

HiongHiong on the other hand, was being chased by Sam. ShuKei and HiongHiong finally setteled down and decided to have a divorce. Things got a little complicated when both of them fought for the child custody. Will ShuKei and HiongHiong divorce? Can both of them stop gambling?

One of the best scenes that I could remembered was the conversation between the grandmother and granddaughter. Those who play mahjong should be familiar with the words mentioned below.





Point of view
It is not suitable for the kids to watch them. After all, it is a movie that talks about gambling. There was this scene where the grandma was asking maths questions and the grandchild answered the questions with the Mahjong terms (I mentioned above). It is not a good example for the kids to learn things about gambling, it will eventually made up them to become a gambler as well. After all, family background is important for a child's growth. So basically, the moral of the story is the parents are role modals for the children. I'm not a typical gambler and somehow, I do understand how these gamblers felt when they trying to stop themselves from gambling. It was a comedy after all, having sense of humor is definitely the style of Wong Jing Director. 

Have fun with the movie~

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