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In a far far away land, there is an Evil Queen banishes the King from the Kingdom and then she rules the Kingdom. Snow White has been imprisoned until she turns 18 and decides to take a look what has happen to her father's kingdom. Snow White finds that the people are too poor due to the Queen's taxes which she uses the taxes to pay for her parties. On the other hand, Prince Alcott from Valencia arrives at the kingdom and the Evil Queen would like to marry him. By combining two kingdoms, the Evil Queen could escape from debts and uses the Prince's riches. However Prince Alcott takes a little liking on Snow White and this results in the Evil Queen decides to kill Snow White. Apparently Snow White has been killed, but the truth is she hides in the forest and lives with the seven dwarves: Napoleon, Wolf, Chuckles, Butcher, Half Pint, Grimm and Grub. They become friends with Snow White and decide to take on the evil queen.

A WTF moment for the ending.
Seriously? It gave me a Hindustan kinda feel. 
This song ben stucked in my head for the whole night ever since I listened it.

Point of view
  • I had this weird feeling that this movie is actually a fashion show rather than a remake of Snow White. Just look at the queen, she has more than 5 superb colorful gowns.

  • I love how the Evil Queen said, "You don't say?" to Brighton when he told the Evil Queen about the arrive of Prince Alcott. I wonder if the director do read 9 GAG? 
  • One of the hilarious moment when Brighton turned himself back to human  from a cockroach, he said he was being taken advantage by the grasshopper. Cockroach VS Grasshopper, hmmmm.....
  •  The Evil Queen casted a love spell on Prince Alcott but it was a puppy love spell. It was pretty funny to actually see that the Prince acted like a puppy and to mention over here, Prince Alcott loves the Evil Queen's smell. Ew....
  • I love how the dwarves played their roles in this movie. They were kind and cute and chibby and funny~

  1. As for the Lily Collin, cast for Snow White, she did a very good job portraying as an innocent, yet with strong will and kind-hearted girl in this movie. But I do wonder why her eye brow so thick though. Among her dresses and clothes, I love this outfit the most.

Overall it was a good movie, simple yet funny story plot with some great CG effects. Watch till the end and don't rush yourself out after the story ends. You will be surprised with the final closure.


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