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Thank you Boromir.
I was walking from my house to LRT station and there was a stranger in the car asking for direction to MayBank.
Well, I was kind enough to stop by and told him the way and guess what, he showed his precious ding dong and asked me to "pleasure" him. 

Excuse me? Your precious ding dong is not like this.

Ello stranger, just for you know, I would only suck on this

or lick this.

To be frank, I knew I was stupid enough to stopped by and entertained him. But I was being kind so yeah, I was careless. I wouldn't thought he would do something like that, out of my expectation wehhh...

Those who stayed near Pandan Indah LRT station, be really really careful if you see a foreigner sitting alone in the car (a Proton Saga in dark purple) asking for direction or money or what-so-ever, please just ignore him. Or you should just run as far and fast as you can to the LRT station. 

Will update real soon, signing off.

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