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Thanks to All Deals Leak, I got the chance to bring my mom and sister for Jogoya dinner for FREE. Sorry friends, I used all of them.
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To be frank, I celebrate Mother's Day everyday. It may sound a little fake but yeah, I do love my mom and I treat her good just to see her smile. I love my mom and I do understand she loves me more than she loves herself. We are a single-parent family and my mom worked really hard for the happiness of me and my sister. I thank my father for "donating" his sperms and I am glad I have such wonderful mother. I still could remember how three of us walked in the rain from my babysitter's house before my mom owns any car. It was a 20 minutes walking distance and we have been through it for almost a year. I knew I must be tough and work hard for everything since I was younger. I used to thought single-parent family is something not proud to mention, I got teased that I have no father and my mom got teased to marry a bastard. I was angry to whoever said that to my mom and I sweared to myself, I am going to make my mom proud with every single thing I do. Practically, I did my very best for every exams and took part in most of the curriculum activities. Now, I am proud to say I'm from a single-parent family because I have a mom that can do everything just like other families do. I am proud to say I'm from a single-parent family because of who I am today. My mom used to say I have a matured thinking compared to my sister but nah, I think I just got to the chance to witness the reality at younger age compared to my sister. My sister is "well-protected", from me and my mom. Oh well, story should ends here, should get back to the food now. 

Here are some food we ate that day, my mom was delighted on the food.

Sushi, Clam chowder soup & clams

 Tiramisu, Coffee pudding & cheesecake

Double boiled coconut Ginseng soup

 "Sharkfin" dumpling soup
HIGHLY recommended Honey Roasted Banana

Not to forget, the chocolate fountain! Marshmallow is sweet 

Coconut drink! Me likey

 A picture of all of us

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mommies out there. 
Signing off with

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