♣ This is for Azalia ♣


Happy Belated Birthday! Though we celebrated your birthday together, I wrote this special entry just for you. See how sweet am I?

Despite of all the surprises we gave to you, are you a lil' touch by now? We planned it since "Last Year" and we made up lots of stories.

I thought I will be able to see your signature from Optimus Prime the next day. 

We love you Azalia, be happy, no emo nemo. 

"Firework" Candle!  

Wishing you all the best when you are far away from Malaysia. Do remember our existence and PING my BBM sometimes. I know I would not reply you instantly but I might reply you few years later. *evil grins*

Always put this in your heart Azalia, 
no matter what happens, you don't need to change your personality. You are fine just the way you are and we like the Azalia who brought us lots of laughter in the class. Having said that you emo nemo and it just made us feel weird without your smile. You are sometimes a lost sheep who does not know how to react but I know you have an answer for yourself. Take time to accept it and someday, you knew you would not regret about the decision you made. 

Gah, I love you Azalia. Accept me puh-liz?

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