♣ Welcome Diablo 3 ♣


Fuaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I realized I did not blog for almost a month. I'm so sorry for being away for such a long time. Thanks to Diablo 3, I am now completely immersing into D3 world.

I got the chance to play it when the first day it launched, which was on 15th May 2012.

I got my character maxed at level 60 within a week and yeah, I love my two-handed sword. It makes my FurFer looks like a Shinigami. I look pretty awesome holding that walking around in the dungeon. But when I start to whack the zombies, I will look like as if I'm playing baseball wtf.


Infermo mode is awesome, I have only 1% chance of survivability in there wtf.Everything is depend on your gear and the right skills to be used in order to survive in Inferno mode. So far, I could survive with the help of monk LOL.

Enjoy this little story from Blizzard

Pony and Pedo bear! Happy cloud too?
Wizard is a fun class to play on, though I kept dying due to my bad latency. I don't mind my wizard to be like a 'taufu' with high damamge though, at least someone can tank for me and I manage to kill something. If there is any achievement on the dying frequency, I can bet to achieve that easily. There is this Auction House feature and I am totally in love with that. It's like a heaven to me because I can 'shop' whatever I want, with never ending money. Girls shop in real life while I shop in the game. What kind of sorcery is that? 

Do take a look on Diablo 3 Official website formore information.

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  1. lol almost a month... look at the date of previous entry, not even 2 weeks

    1. you can't really differentiate the days and nights when u r really into games. Well, it happened to me so I do not know bout your case.

  2. wah pro furfer . . . me still cant decide what class to play until I play DH . . . probably Monk too XD


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