♣ Diablo 3 le Real Money Auction House ♣


What's new in the recent patch for Diablo 3 is the launch for Real Money Auction House (RMAH). You're right, it is a real money trading in the game. 

So far so good, I am happy with what I had although I despise RMAH to the max. The truth is, I just love money. So I woke up in the morning to check the Auction House and guess what I had? 

Oh yeah baby, you are right. I sold two of my lousy items in USD, by RMAH. I thought it was a prank until I checked my email confirmation from Blizzard.

I thought of selling my whole gears and farm more gold to get  better items. But that just doesn't work because I still want to play game. Anyway, I do hope the inflation isn't going worse in Diablo 3 due to RMAH. 

What I do not like about RMAH  is, look at the effing cut! Transaction fee and paypal transaction fee is costing me a bomb! I kind off heartache when I look at the fee charged by Diablo 3 and Paypal. I hope I am not the only one who felt fee charging is gay, do drop your opinions in the comment box below.  

Ciaoz people, time for some ka-ching ka-ching.

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  1. hmmm now a days charge this charge that, sienz . . .

    anyway, you got your paypal account already? I just created mine, if link B-net and paypal together need to insert credit card punya detail . . . lol

    1. Pai seh a . Now only read the comments.

      First it's better for you to use Paypal because Bnet balance could not cash out. so it sucks.
      Then of course you need to link bnet and paypal tgt. Either with Debit card number or Credit card number.
      the next thing you should know is the transaction fee. example you selling $5.00. Transacion = $1.00 and 15% for paypal. so aruoond $3.xx for your earnings.
      and the ratio now i can agak for the gold to cash = 1 mil = $2.50 more or less.

      that's how i see it lar.

  2. Like that Sian already, next time everything will be in cash. Gold is worthless haha


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