♣ Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted ♣


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This is plain awesome. I couldn't agree more that Madagascar 3 is better than Madagascar 2. Before I start anything else, let's enjoy this song and get it stuck in your head. 


Story goes like this:

Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippo are in Africa. The penguins left them and had awesome time in gambling. The animals could not stand the boredom in Africa and wanted to go back home (New York). They swim their way to Europe to find the penguins and the journey embarks. The animals face a lot of troubles and being wanted by Animal Control Chief Chantel Dubois. Now I would want to describe Dubois as an animal maniac because she could track down the animals with her nose She even tracks down Alx the the rest by tasting the footprints. In order to stay alive, the animals claimed themselves are part of the circus members and wish to stay in Circus Zaragowa. Vitaly the tiger, Gia the jaguar, Stefano the sea lion and others are the members in Circus Zaragowa.  I do have a feeling there will be Madagascar 4. King Julien III's love towards the bear is absolutely unexpected and surprisingly, the bear can drive a bike better than a human. It is amazing to see how Alex rebuilds the Circus Zaragowa. The performances done are better than the traditional circus. However, Alex and the gang are going back to their home once they reach New York. Will they continue to stay in the Circus Zaragowa? Moreever, will they be able to tell the members in Circus Zaragowa that Alex and the gang are leaving? Finally, will Dubois be able to track them and kill Alex the lion? It is worth to watch and solve the doubts in the cinema. 

Here are some of my favourite moments

What is the impact from Madagascar 3? 
Acro circus is my new ring tone for my cell phone now. 

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