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Well, I am glad that all the assignments and exams stuff are going to end after this week.
In short, I am graduating and I feel quite miserable now.

I did my Final Yeap Project presentation before exam started, which was three weeks ago.
The one on the left was my advisor, while the one on the right was my supervisor.
Surprisingly the presentation went smoothly and I felt relieve after the presentation. 

I started my exam last week and to be frank, I studied last minute for the modules. I did revision on the exam day and spent half of the day playing Diablo 3. #wtf
How I wish my exam questions were all about Diablo 3, as the one I read from Facebook.

I did 3 exams so far and I still have 2 more to go. I do hope I have enough of time to write enough points for my questions. I figured it out 2 hours are not enough to answer questions with 100% marks. I crapped a lot yo! Short notes were written down and being revised on the exam date. Courtesy to wizard in Diablo 3: I'm so good I'm astound myself,

Favorite song at the moment? I do have one, AFRO CIRCUS!
I hope I won't get this stuck in my head when I'm having my exam tomorrow.

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