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Another great Marvel movie has arrived, the Spiderman. I just missed how I would sit in front of the television and wait for the cartoon to start when I was younger. I love the opening song and it stucked in my head since then. Oh yes, I have the theme song in my head now. 

Do not confuse yourself with the past Spideman trilogy, the new Amazing Spideman talks about Peter Parker's past. The life of younger Peter Parker, how his parents died, and how he met his first girl friend, Gwen Stacy. Have fun with the trailer and continue your reading for some spoilers.

Peter Parker (Garfield) is a young high school boy who was left by his parents to his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. One day, Peter found out a suitcase being left by his father and he starts to ponder who he is. In the same time, he is getting closer to his first high school crush, Gwen Stacy (Stone). The suitcase that was belonged to Peter's father slowly gets Peter to find out his parents' disappearance. The secret research work by Peter's father is leading him to Dr. Curt Conners (Ifans), who is working in Oscorp. As Peter is trying to tail information in Oscorp, he is bitten by a spider and had his life turn upside down. Peter seeks help from Dr. Connors by giving him an equation that he found in his father's documents. However, things get a little complicated, Dr. Connors has to undertake a human chemical test. The initial result is good however, the side effects of the chemical turns Dr. Curt Connors into a Lizard man. Dr. Connors in Lizard form can be aggressive and powerful. Just so, as Peter is having fun to be the "hero" in town, he finds out he has the choice to use his powers and the destiny to become a hero. How will Peter make his way into a hero? And will Peter find out Dr. Connors is the Lizard man? What makes the story interesting is, is Peter going to tell Gwen about his true identity?

 Point of view
I got a little disappointed on the lizard man. I was expecting the lizard man to be more of a reptile look-alike but it turns out to be like a green man with a tail, and a very wide mouth.
I thought it was something like this

And the lizard man in the movie looked like this

Lizard? Human? Even the tail doesn't resemble the lizard's tail. The lizard man in the movie looked like a  walking dinasour to me.

I love how this movie actually portrays the origin of Spiderman. The spider web cartridge was unlimited in the Spiderman trilogy but not in this movie. The Amazing Spiderman showed Peter Parker will have limited spider web to shoot from the hand as it showed in the cartoon series. Hence, it is getting close to perfection in comparison with the animated series. Andrew Garfield did a good job by acting out Peter Parker as the cocky and confident young man, in which can be a little similar to the animated series.

The love chemistry of Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker is some sort of an interesting scenes as Andrew Garfield acted very well as if he is meeting his first love. There are some humours in the plot and I think it suited the story plot. The special appearance of Stan Lee in every Marvel movies is the example of the humour scene. You wouldn't get upset with the special appearance of Stan Lee in this movie.

 Well that is just some of my opinions. Nevertheless, watch the movie to solve your doubts. A warm advice here, AVOID watching it in 3D. It is a little pointless to watch in 3D as there isn't much of the 3D effects. Have fun!

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  1. The Awesome Uzuru9 July 2012 at 20:37

    To be honest (or IMO), most movies not worth to be watched in 3D. Other than those exclusively screened on 3D only of course. Just a waste of money.

    I prefer the trilogy one over this mainly because I feel the spider bite given toby the 'real spider power' compared to garfield's extreme sense of awareness, flexibility and toughness (which truly make no sense considering how squishy spiders are).

    While Garfield's series probably come closest to the animated one, there are so many things rushed through for this movie. Like how Uncle Ben died, how he eventually come to understand the spidery thing, how he make the costume, etc. Like you said, the ugly lizardman is disappointing (it's not even close). Spiderman, iirc never consume all his spiderweb thing. There are a couple of scene showing how he failed to shoot out the web due to the fact that

    1. He's underwater and his mechanism stop working
    2. Lizardman broke his lil toy

    The movie also fail in the sense of providing a proper progression of characteristic alteration.

    Garfield, before and after the spider bite just end up having a drastic characteristic change. Toby's one shown better. And how is he even capable of making such device himself? How is he able to understand complex equation etc.?

    I also don't think he found out that his parents are dead (yet).

    The movie does have a plus point though, gwen is cute. If you force it, the end there is quite touching.

    1. yup I do agree on what you said. CB you are writing essay again. LOL
      Well, I said it is better because I'm watching the cartoon series now and I do find out Tobey doesn't really stands out as the Spiderman because he is way too nerdy. In cartoon he is not that nerdy though, indeed the Spiderman in cartoon series is way too playboy LOL.
      Spiderman fialed to work in perfect condition in udnerwater because the underwater is kinda slimey and its hard for him to actually "stick" wherever he want. I kind aunderstand the logic where he coudln't shoot out the web.
      GWEN IS AWESOME. Well, she doesn't shout like how Dunst did is the trilogy. Shouting is annoying XD

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  3. To answer this comment, :P ok no offend but in The Amazing Spiderman comic, Peter Parker is actually a Nerd and shy (Tobey win) and interested in sciene (Garfield win here). That's explain why he able to provide the equation to Connar and create his own spider web devices. In addition, Spiderman love to taunt his enemies (which shown in this movie when he taunt lizardman in school).

    Finally, I love this reboot more because all Spiderman signature pose and move are shown here, exactly like comic!

    I won't say this closest to the comic since alot thing change by the Director, Marc Webb too. But, I do enjoy this more than d old trilogy because of the costume (More rich texture, and correct color tone) and spiderman signature pose especially when he swinging around


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