Bye Diablo 3


Yes, I would say Diablo 3 is dying now, slowly and steadily. It was launched two months ago and sadly the game has come to an end. You could agrre or disagree on it, but from what I experience, it is best for you to play new game and stop wasting your time in the RMAH. In case you have no idea what is RMAH, you could refer to my RMAH post HERE.

I am glad I sold out some junks right after RMAH launch. If you were to say you could earn real money via RMAH now, I am 140% sure you couldn't sell a single shit; unless you have a pretty decent item. A big thank you to Gold botters and the launch of gold selling in RMAH, the price for decent items being hiked up so high that nobody could afford them; except you are buying gold OR one of the gold botters.

Nevertheless, I had fun until the 1.03 patch was out. I do agree the mobs are easier to kill but along with some nerfs to the characters, I couldn't find what is so great about Diablo 3 anymore, especially the item reward system. I am not a hardcore farmer for decent items but hey, why can't I get at least one good item for own usage? Instead, I got all the junks and only could sell them to NPCs. Diablo 2 has way better item reward system because the drops are better!

Moving on, glitches happens everywhere and players ae violating them. Item duping, immortal wizard and barbarian are causing the downfall for Diablo 3. Although Diablo 3 is having weekly server maintenance but the problems are still exist. I have no idea of Diablo 3 having 4 hours of server maintenance and ends up more exploits. It was a fun game, but the developers just had to spoil the fun. 

As I was saying, the end game for Diablo 3 are just farming decent items;  playing in GMAH and RMAH; nd waiting for PVP content to launch. Well, I do hope the PVP content doesn't end up with nerfs if the characters are OP (Over Power).

Here are some funs I had in Diablo 3 

Watching Deckard Cain shuffling.

Naked Barbarians are hilarious

Well, thats it for now. I'm up to new game. Going to try out Smite and Continent of Ninth.

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  1. what is Smite and what is Continent of Ninth? LOL :X

    me play back HON bah zzz

    1. Smite macam #d style dota LOL. now idk is cbt or obt.

      Continent of ninth is new mmo game lor. but is europe server.

      hon tak boleh, LoL boleh

  2. Why hon x Boleh? XD


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