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Disclaimer: These are my feelings and thought and it doesn't has to be apply to you as well. If you find it to be offended, you could always click on the X button on the right side of your screen. If you agree to what I was trying to portray, welcome to drop a comemnt. If you do not agree and would like to criticize, go ahead and drop a message. Enjoy reading, or no

I couldn't agree more that Facebook is part of my life now. Although I knew Facebook is luxurious but I have mo idea how it slowly becoming a necessity in my life. May be I am a Facebook addict or social media enthusiast, I get hook easily on social media platform. I had Friendster and Hi-5 account when I was younger and those were the in-trend thing for the youngsters. I wouldn't sure how much of you ever heard of Friendster or Hi-5, those were quite on my older days.

As I was saying Facebook is part of my life now, I would share my kind of Facebook experience. Sometimes, I ever wonder how could these things happen? Violating Facebook? Nah, I would say they fully utilize the Facebook. So everyday I log into my Facebook account and I would see these things:

1.     The Selca photos with unrelated captions
*Selca refers to self capture, introduced by Koreans yo*

Caption: I'm having the best Bat Kut Teh in town!

No offense but where is the food? I thought can see Bat Kut Teh leh.

2.     Friends are sharing MLM business model with motiovational quotes.
*MLM refers to Multi-Level-Marketing*

Seriously? Within 10 newsfeeds there will be 3 messages on how to get fast money. It ticks me off sometimes. 

3.     Articles on crimes, especially in Malaysia 
There will be one article on snatch thief or rape case every 20 newsfeed. I don't usually read them because I thought it was the same technique used by the criminals. But now I make sure I read all of them because they are ridiculous! How come the robbers become so desperate leh?
Attempt to rob in the ladies 
Puchong GSC got robbed for Rm 140k
Escaped from being kidnapped in The Curve

4.     Food photos taken by friends

The moment when you are hungry and you still browsing through all the food photos. I could only have my maggie mee and imagine I'm having the delicious food.
Starbucks buy 1 FREE 1
Subway for RM9.90 with Cookie and drink
Pizza Hut Smart Lunch for RM8.90

5.     Applications or game notifications

I thought I would be happy to see 10 notifications on Facebook within 10 minutes, but 6 out of 10 were the game requests. Sorry to say this, I will play the game if I want to, so stop sending me those game requests!

6.     Posts from 9GAG, or trolling photos

Few weeks ago, my Facebook wall full of THOR puns. The puns lasted for 2 weeks and I was so eager to click on the report button. May be it sounds silly for some people but the Thor puns were so annoying!

Basically, these are the routines for my Facebook life. I don't mean to offend anyone but just to voice out some thoughts. To be frank, I sort of understand why Facebook is still the leading social media in today's world. Somehow the Facebook is able to achieved my needs. May be someday there will be a new social media but for now, I think Facebook is going to last at least another 5 years from now.
Till then, ciaoz.

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  1. yah true :P

    and no camwhore picture of other friend? XD

    1. Quote: me and my friend are shopping together!
      only selca

  2. Replies
    1. Lai, u can see the examples here.

  3. The Awesome Uzuru26 July 2012 at 02:30

    What i dislike the most is those people sharing "Like this, you could save his life" photos ... i mean seriously?

    Then, there are those sharing photos of animals being abused every single day. Again, what are you gonna do about it? Going viral with pictures is great to raise awareness but in the end, nobody does anything. If people are so eager to go up against all these cruelty, start a campaign. Let's be honest, most would just go "fuck this animal cruelty, im gonna share it to show I care" then the next thing after they share is scrolling to the next feed, followed by the next reader. In the end, nobody actually cares.

    Then comes another type of facebooker that post every single thing she does every single minute. Not that I am annoyed, more amused.

    7am : Morning, wake up with a smile
    7.15am : Heading to the bathroom, pink towel today (what? different color towel every single day?)
    7.45am : Just finish brushing my teeth, gonna get ready for class
    7.55am : Here's me without make up
    8.15am : Here's me with make up
    8.30am : I can't find my car key
    8.45am : Finally found my car key, it's in my bag silly me.
    9am : Going to class, omg im gonna be late!

    Yeah, magehai, you wouldn't be late if you didn't spam everyone's feed! Then comes those who actually keep liking every single posts and commented on them all. I mean wtf? You like her post when she goes brush teeth, then you like her post when she finish brushing it, then most amazing is you like it when she lost her car key, then like it again when she found it. Make up your mind!

    Ugh ... trolls!

    1. UZUZUUUUUUUUUUUU. HOW could u write essay again . nuuuuuuu.

  4. I am NOT addicted to Facebook, but I am addicted to Twitter! Haha! Oh, hate it when people send me game requests on Facebook! : )

    1. Twiiter is somuch fun. Except I have been ranting through Twitter and I myself got annoyed when I read back :D

  5. Very true! ESP the frst one

  6. haha, i agreed with num 1 ! :D

  7. Number 1!! Don't mind if it's part of an album of food pics lah.. Or if it's a 1 time thing. But those people who only post pics of themselves are like @%!#$!&$

    1. I KNOW RIGHT? And sometimes they even post a picture of them smiling and caption: I am sad . I'm like wtf -.-

  8. I don't really like popularity contests on fb. I think it's just really unfair. It's basically saying, "the rich get richer while the poor gets poorer".

    And yea, game requests annoys the hell outta me! T__T

    1. ahahha. i hate game requests to the max lol


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