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Since I am slowed by not subscribing to the first box from Fabulous Find, I am not going to slow myself for the second one! 
I received the FF box today and I am surprised on its delivering speed. I mean, the boxes are send ot on every 15th of the month, and it arrived on the very next day. The moment I got this box it's like a 5-year-old kid get her Christmas present: Can't wait to unwrap everything!

There is another small box in it! So I guess the big one is to protect the small box.

When you uncover the box, there is a note by the founder, Hui Ling. That is a gift for myself so obviously, the message is "Blog Review time". It's kinda wtf when you gifted yourself something(I know it's pathetic).

I have a product cash voucher worth RM10 from Beaubelle and a 50% off voucher from Jurlique. Not bad leh, Free and Cheap stuff is good towards a typical Chinese lady like me.

These are the products I received. I am practically overjoy when I saw the Mascara from Empro.

Skinz Infinite: Youth Recall Serum @ RM59.90
This is a full-sized product received from FF. It worths RM59.90 for 30ml. I'm going to try it on and see whether I can retun my skin back to 18 years old. As the saying: 十八岁博博翠, who wouldn't want a baby skin? Now I wouldn't crack my head to think of getting a new serum for some time being. 

Empro:Brown @ Black Mascara @ RM58.80
This is just plain amazing. I have always wanted to get a mascara which has both brown and black colors. I can't really find a good mascara in brown color. But for now, I can save money as I'm having mascara that has two colors at once. K la, I'm a bit cheapskate. I don't want to waste money to get two mascaras. 

Lanvin: Jeanne Couture Ean de Parfum
There is a 2ml sample kind of perfume tester. I love the smell. It has a similar smell from Lovely Lace fragrance product but fresher and lighter smell. It is long-lasting too. I accidentally sprayed it on my bed and I think half of my bed smells like Lovely Lace now. #wtf

Wella SP: Color Save Shampoo & Mask
To be honest, I am a little upset when I got Color Save series. I wanted to try on the Repair series! Oh yeah, my hairdresser used Wella SP: Repair Emulsion to save my damaged hair. I love the effects as it wouldn't feel oily even if you didn't wash your hair for 2 days! I searched everywhere and I couldn't find any store for Wella SP. Well never mind, I will give the Color Save series a try. (I'm giving the Wella SP: Repair Emulsion ☆)

My Beauty Diary: 2-Step Europe Clarifying Pack
Jurlique: Purely Age-Defying Utlra Firm & Lift Cream
Olive: Hand Moisturizing Cream
OK, I know I look old but I don't think I need the Purely Age-dying cream yet. I gave it to my mom because I'm going to use the youth wannabe serum.

Here are some ways to grab this little box:

RM 35 per month, recurring payment with Credit Card
Cancellable anytime with 30 days notice

RM420 one time payment with Credit Card or Debit Card
Receive 1 free  box on the 13th month
Transferrable to another party

Gifts with Credit Card or Debit Card
3 months subscriptions (RM105)
6 months subscription (210)
12 months subscription (RM420)

For more detailed information:

I think I will continue to subscribe it leh. RM 35 per month and you can receive products worth more than that price, very worth lor. Indeed, I love surprises. Monthly surprises? Just Fabulous Finds. 

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  1. I think it's time I subscribe to this too. So many good stuff inside and it's such a good value!!

    1. Indeed! To be honest, All of them are different samples. Some beauty box come with the same samples.

  2. woohooo.... so many cheap goodies! Skinz is a pretty good brand :)

    1. yeahhhhhhhh.... chepa but good quality. lovely leh

  3. u so white adi, summore wanna use these meh lol

    1. mane ade white. i'm still quite dark one leh.

  4. wow! RM35 for the whole box? worth it lehh! :)

    1. yup! RM35 for whole box. of coz very worth muhhahhaa

  5. That's quite a lot of good stuff for a box worth RM35! :D

    1. eh nohhhhhhhhhh. The products given worth more than RM100 ady. RM35 for those products, Super duper worth

  6. Wow! So many goodies for RM35? Not bad lah : )

    1. very not bad LOL. think of getting one? :X


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