Happy Buttday to Xiao Bai


Once and for all
This post is specially dedicated to you! (With the food pictures)

Somehow, someone figured out Bai read my post on Ficelle and she was quite fancy with the food picture sI took, so we decided to pay a visit to Ficelle for her celebration. In case you haven't read my pose about Ficelle, read HERE.

Get ready people, this is a long post, filled with food pictures. 

Berries Danish
It was ok. The bread did not taste as soft as it suppose to be maybe because I was having it during the afternoon. The berries used were not sweet especially the strawberry. It was super sour. 

Raisin Danish
I love the flavour though I could not tell what is the flavour. It is said to be raisin but I tasted red bean paste. 

Seafood bread
I couldn't remember the food name but there were crab meat and "sotong" ball on it. The yellow things were pineapples and somehow, the pineapples enhanced the taste of the bread. 

Carbonara Cream Mushroom and Ham Pasta
This is not the best I had but you are keen to choose pasta as your meal, perhaps this can be your choice. It was not served in big portion but it definitely suits for a person. I found the mushroom tasted weird but I couldn't say it taste bad. 

Tomato Sauce Fish Fillet with Cheese Flakes Pasta
This was not bad. What I meant was the combination of tomato sauce and cheese flakes.

Mushroom Pizza
I would recommended this compared to the Cheese Pizza I had last time. At first, I thought the pizza will turn out to taste like some cheese naan and guess what, I AM RIGHT! The pizza tasted like some cheese naan with mushroom on it. Oh well, I still love this compared to the last one. 

Enough of food posting, it's time for some entertainment. Anson brought Blokus for us to experience the fun of it. As you might want to know, Blokus is a type of strategy board game and requires players to think smart. IT somehow has some similar concept of GO board game
Check out more info on Blokus HERE

Here it is, a game to block everyone's path to stay alive. To conquer, or defence. 

The winenr will be determined by the least number of "blocks" in hand. 

Last but not least, pictures time! There are still some pictures with my friend but yeah, these are the one I have. 


Note to bai:
NAH, here is the note from me to you. I decided to publicize it so the rest would know how much I love you. I'm not les one hor, and please confirm your boy wouldn't kill me.

We have been friends since we were in secondary school and I knew there were thousands of misunderstandings we had. I apologise for every harsh words I had on you and sometimes, I knew I hurt you much. I'm one hell of a stubborn girl and I knew my stubbornness always hurt you without me knowing it. I'm not good at telling "Sorry" to you verbally because PAI SEH LEH. But I am now, with all my sincerity telling you I'm sorry for every harsh words I had on you. Though I might not be your best friend, but I am glad to have as my buddy because of your trolls. We were once lived in our fantasy world and I do hope, we still  share the fantasy now. May god bless you with everything you have/do and stay as the Bai I have always known. 

Nah, you know what to do for my birthday coming soon lor hor? TEEHEEEHEEEE 

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  1. Happy Birthday Bai? Happy Birthday Bye? LOL

    sounds abit awkward funny

    anyways! Happy Belated Birthday to your friend! :D

    1. Xiao Bai is her nickname nia. Coz she's super fair wtf

  2. I never know that game before. LOL! =P Happy Belated Birthday to ur friend too! =P

    1. Quite fun ler. Coz need to think of the next step one. Challenging ~

  3. So sweet!! She's Xiao Bai u're Da Bai?? LOLX!!

    1. LOL. DA BAI SOUNDED SO WRONG. Xiao bai is her nickname since the day I kne wher LOL. So its easier to remember her name that way :X

  4. someone's bday coming? *pretend that i dnt knw*

  5. LOL at Charmaine's comment! :P But it's true, both of you look equally fair HEHEH Is it me or the spaghetti's portion look kinda small? Never heard of Blokus but it looks fun!

    1. Small but quite ok for a person's meal. But if you are kuat makan kinda person, then this pasta confirm is not enough LOL

  6. fer~~ :) thanks n f.y.i. tus yr tarak 6th oct! goid luck!! huuhuuu~

    1. LOL bai bai, your typo hor, level increase dy a?


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