Shizens Hydro Series Product Launch @ Mid Valley


Kudos to Peiyi and Tony for inviting me to such great event! 
I was anticipated much to Shizens event because they have been featured in magazines for some time and I haven't try on any of their products before. 
Shizens Hydro Series Launch was held in Mid Valley with the dress code theme: White and silky.

With le pretty bloggers. 
From left to right: Me, Sher Lynn, JQ, Sarah and Choulyin

What is Shizens?
Shizens is an up and coming skin care and cosmetic brand, propelling its expansion in Malaysia as well as regional market. Inspired and infused by bountiful natural ingredients, Shizens offers a wide range of products, from make-up, skin protection to skin care, all created to revive and nourish your natural beauty. 

The highlight of the event was Hydro Series.
From left to right: Hydro Cleanser, Hydro Enhancing Lotion Hydro Liposome Essential, Hydrant Day Emulsion and Hydrant Night Emulsion. 

With Jojo Goh. She is pretty isn't she? 

Fellow bloggers with Amber Chia and Daphne Iking

My first time meeting Elwyn! Hey Elwyn, if you feel like you don't need the hydro liposome essential, you know who to gift yeah? *hint*

Le me act busy to take photos with le cacated phone camera.

Here are the product series presented on that day.


Food of the day.
All of them were good especially the salmon and the meringue. 

The Goodie Bag!
Special love on the Hydro Liposome Essential because that is the highlight for the event! It is the first skin care products I have seen to have shimmery on the skin. The shimmery is the Vitamins C extracts and it doesn't harm the skin. 

Hydro Liposome Essential

Tester for Hydro Series

Best seller 1: Lip Painter
I love this. The white liquid (on the left) helps one to return the lips back to its natural color, while the red one (on the right) is just a plain lip balm. The lip painter amazed me when the promoter showed us it can be used as blusher too. It would not have the powdery feel instead, it is creamy based and it helps the shade to stay on the chick longer. I am so going to get this if I managed to finish the first one. 

Best Seller 2: Eye Charm
Well, I tried this but I don't really like this because the powder will later leave on my face for no reason. But it does helping my lashes to look longer and more dramatic look. 

Chiang Chiang Chiang! It's a pendrive! Do you have any idea how gorgeous it looks like? I thought it was a charm until the person in charged told us it is a pendrive. 

For more information, visit
Official Website:

P/S: Anyone here use products from Shizens before?

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  1. YOU're tall enough, but Amber Chia is TALLLERRRRR...LOL. Everyone looks pretty there!;D

    1. LOL. She is like a klcc with the Daphne Iking standing tgt.

  2. Is the dress code white or something? Realized almost everyone is dressed in white :P

    1. The theme supposed to be white and silky. So the dress code is white :D

  3. wow the goodie bag also enough lo!!

  4. I am so in love with the Lip Painter !! hahaha

    1. Me too! I even use it on the cheek! too awesome dy

  5. Amber chai super tall!!! is this product good aite???

  6. SHIZENS! Sounds like samurai X hahah :X


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