Be Creative with Samsung Galaxy Note II


I have a very bad drawing skill, as in very bad. I know how to draw but my drawings never get an A in my primary and secondary school.
But with Samsung Galaxy Note II, I can now draw beautifully~ Samsung organized a cute drawing contest where you have the chance to win awesome prizes! Nah see, I can now submit my so-so drawings for the contest liao. 

Now let me introduce the Ambassadors for Samsung Galaxy Note II

A little sneak peak for the prizes.

So interested to get the prizes already?
Here's what you have to do.
Log onto

Choose one of your preferred celebrity.
I chose Ernest because he is leng zai la. He is superb adorable and he knows how to draw wtf. Look, he is drawing a frame, cute isn't it?

Complete his drawing template.
He prepared three types of templates and I chose the empty frame. Samsung has provided different brushes and pen sizes with adjustable intensity. And if you love wordings like me, there is a text option for you to note down everything you want. Well, not to forget there are limited color choices provided but I'm pretty you can use them wisely with your creativity. 

Submit your entry and wait for the result!
You can submit your entries as many as possible for higher chance to win the contest.
This is my first entry, I might play along with different designs soon *finger-crossed*
All entries are available for everyone to see in the Gallery and it looks like those Hall of Fame thingy.
Mew Mew, what do you think of my drawing? Christmas is coming and Yes, Santa please treat me good this year!

Psssss, watch how Ernest lost to a kid.

Can't wait to discover your new talent already? Head on to and unleash your creativity now.

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  1. i want galaxy note 2! :O how awesome if i can own them :X

    1. Doodle everything! And take part in the contest, you might get yourself one :X

  2. Replies
    1. you are very creative liao nor merrynn mommy. You did so many cookiessssssss


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