Benefit Brow Workshop @ Pavilion


Special thanks to Kah Mon for reserving me a slot to join the Benefit Eye Brow Workshop. It was a great experience as we finally "learned" how to draw out eyebrows.

Le table with mirrors and brow brushes. These are important for you to draw a pair  of good brows. 

Kah Mon was saying, put a Angelina Jolie's photo there so that every time she can see how "beautiful" she is whenever she looks into the mirror. 

Some of the products used on that day. I was fascinating with the brow waxing. I thought it will something similar to the Veet's waxing but surprisingly, Benefit brow waxing is a whole new experience.

Benefit Brow Zings
Pigmented wax for shaping (left)
Natural-shaded powder for setting (right)

A demonstration on how to draw the eye brows. 

My first attempt for the brow and I look like Shin-Chan..

Here's an before-and-after picture for you all to compare with my eye brows. I still cannot accept the fact that I have a pair of thick brows lol. 

Below are two cute packages introduced by Benefit. Each of them comes with different color (box).

Sugarlicious Lip & Cheek Kit RM 110
Benetint (tint for lip and cheek)
Sugar Bomb (lipgloss)
High Beam (Highlighter)
Ultra Plush Sugarbomb (bblush)
Mini powder Blush

How to Look The Best at Everything RM 115
Porefessional (pore minimizer)
"Hello Flawless" Oxygen WOW Foundation
Boi-ing 01 & 02 (concealer)
"Hello Flawless" powder Foundation 

For more info, please visit

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  1. HELLO SHIN CHAN! hahaha

    (suddenly think that it is so smexy haha)

    1. ello giant LOL wtf.
      thick eye brow where got sexy

  2. I tried the Benefit eyebrow wax before! My skin is a little sensitive, made it red for a almost a few hours xD Threading/plucking suits me better.

    1. wooooooooo. I have nvr try the benefit method but i tried plucking. and plucking hurts lol

  3. Never really bother drawing eyebrows cause I have no idea how to :P but it sure makes a difference ehhh!

  4. Thick brows are very ulzzang ma xD


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