Thirst 2012 @ Sepang International Circuit (SIC)


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Have you been to last year's Thirst? I did. It was the epic year for 2011. DJ Tiesto totally owned that night. 

Now year 2012 has coming to an end, Thirst brought another marvellous performance to Sepang International Circuit. If you are familiar with Thirst rave party, Above and Beyond with Avicii were the stars of the night. Ok la, some of you might say the rest, but I would say AAB and Avicii made my year ends better. 

I shall skip all the wordings and present you all the pictures. No, I am not going to give any comments on the organizer or what-so-ever was it. Rave parties are meant for you to enjoy the musics. Add-on: I am not drunk nor tipsy. Truth hor~

Terima kasih manyak manyak to Jacky for bringing me as plus one to Thirst. 

My FIRST time entering Thirst party as a VIP. Yes, previously I was working for Thirst and it was a horrible experience (not the happy moments with the friends). Each VIP was given 4 complimentary Heineken drinks.

Jinny was like a huge Teddy bear standing next to me. No he's not fluffy, it's just I'm too short. 

Le smexy Hui Min (Right) and I. 

Sherry and I 

Duck face from Elwyn

Nah Simon, I did not close my eyes for this shot. 

A note from AAB 

Avicii for the night

My best shot of the night: Fireworks!

Awesome party members are awesome

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Should you love it, I think you should. 

P/S: Can't wait for January 2013 for more parties!

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  1. was there too in the crowd cause went with close friends who bought tickets in. Avicii is my favorite!! =D

  2. Don't make me jeles liao ok?? Btw, ur eyes very red...looks like tipsy lo!!


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