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Year 2012 was a happening year for me. I started to learned more about blogging and what's more, I made tons of friends in the Blogger community. I couldn't help myself to say thank you very much to Kian Fai who startled my new experience on blogging. It is a brand new experience for me because I never knew blogging can be so much fun! Though I started to blog as I treated it like a diary and soon I found out, th emore I share out my happiness, the better things happen in my life. *The Law of Attraction* Ah yes, I believe the positive force when you have positive mind. Just like Obi-Wan said, "May the force be with you". 

Now here is a recap of my year 2012, and it ended spectacularly awesome for me. Well, you can always read on the post to find out more but here are some of the significant one.

For my whole life, this was the first time of me being in Cameron Highlands.

Installed a 5Mbps Unifi with unpleasant experience.

Bought my first game - Diablo 3 and earned money from it. So I have been telling my mom," MOMMY, I can now earn money from playing game leh!"

A busy month for submitting assignments, revising for final exams and completing thesis.

Attended my FIRST Nuffnang event - Juice Works. From then on, I made tons of lovely blogger friends.

Celebrated my birthday by having my first fine dining experience at Tanzini, G Tower.

Officially registered my own domain for le baby blog - www.iamfurfer.com

Won an iPhone 5 from TeAmo Sunshine Girl Contest. My buey-pai-seh-ness helped me to won it.
Bought my first compact camera, Sony Nex F-3
My greatest achievement of all, I am now officially graduated from UCTI, or rather known as APU now.

Attended THIRST 2012 as a VIP. I owe a big one to Jackie.

AHEM, well... Year 2012 ended and I am one year older in year 2013 (you don't say?). 
OK LAH, I go straight to the point la.
Since le Charmaine said new yea resolutions are  meant to be brought forward, so my ultimate resolution is

1.  Be able to venture into social network industry
Ever since I was attached with all these social networks, I have made up my mind to have a career in the social media industry. It always amazes me to see the influential power of the social media and does it wonders by spreading out the news/rumours, updates and all the funny dramas. So yup, I will want to be in such industry in year 2013.

2.  Attend more events & meet more people
I love attending events. Every event has so many new things to see and learn~ Besides, bonding with new friends has so much love. Every new friend I get to know helps me to learn and understand more. Year 2013, it is time for me to utilise my socializing skills, Imma hunt chu down~

3.  Be richer
MONEY DOES ALL THE WONDERS. Who doesn't want to be rich you tell me? Everything is all about money, money and money. Earning money with my first job; save money and buy only necessities and get sponsored since I am a typical cheapskate woman. Sponsors~ Where are you~ Come to mommy~

4.  Travel to places I have never been before
Taiwan~ Thailand~ Singapore~ Korea~ Japan~ And yes, money I need you in order for me to fly to these countries. 

These are the major ones and yes, they will be brought forward to next year LOL.
My mind is polluted by you~ Alalala~ Alalala~
So, did you drop down yours? I noted down mine is my lovely organiser.

Just so you might want to know, I am now being called as a purple girl. Thanks to le boyfie with such uncreative name. I did my hair at Number 76 Style. Thank you so much for the hair and I love it so much!

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  1. Happy New Year ! hope its not too late !! hahaha...

    1. Happy new year too! And I'm late to reply it XD gratz on your new page!

  2. Happy 2013 babe. :p and I LOVE YOUR HAIR !!! When can we meet up laaaa! TT_TT

    1. pondy pondy~ idk when can we meet LOL. We oni meet eacho ther on Facebook and Twitter, and blog :P

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This is my first time dropping by your blog and wow, you're such a beauty!
    Perhaps we can do some photoshooting *wink wink*

    Happy New Year! May 2013 be a better year for you. :)

    1. :D. Sure! But I'm not very good in front of camera except sel-capture photo LOL

  5. i love ur hair too,,,May all money flow to you and me!!Cos i also want to travel to further places!!

    1. Thank you! $$ to eat ALL the food teeheeee

  6. Happy new year pretty! :D Love your hair woots :D and you're so lucky you won an iphone 5!!!!

  7. Your make over is way too awesome! the purple hair is so lovely on u! definitely not la la! :D


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