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201314, a remarkable date for SHILLS by launching its very new skin care series: The Luxurious Bulgaria Rose Skin Care. It is also a memorable day for me because I dip-dyed my hair at Number 76Style.
Now let's get back to the event.

Not quite sure how many of you all watch the Taiwan's popular TV variety show, Ladies First, but SHILLS is an established brand among the Asia consumers. Not only with SHILLS, ANOSA and DOT. DOT seems to be reputable in Asia too. 

So, on this very special day, SHILLS launched its new  series, the Luxurious Bulgaria Rose Skin Care. This series uses Damascus Rose that grows at Bulgaria Mountain. What so special about these roses are they can only be gathered by hand and to extract 1kg of rose essential oil, 4000kg of fresh rose petals were taken in production. 

Rose Essential 5 in 1 Deep Clarifier (RM 79/250 ml)
This can be used as make-up remover, cleanser, exfoliator, moisturiser and sebum controller that is perfect for all skin types.

Rose Essential Cleansing Gel (RM 79/100 ml)
A 2 in 1 make-up remover and cleansing gel removes make-ups and impurities perfectly with a dewy moist skin finish after cleansing. This can definitely save money on buying cleansing gel and make-up remover separately lol. I know right, I am cheapskate.
(Picture credits to SHILLS)

Rose Essential Hydrating Toner (RM 59/250 ml)
It provides oil-free hydration to dry skin while it calms and softens the skin with botanical  it can be used as a toner during day and night or as a facial mask with mask paper.

Rose Luxury Essence (RM 99/30 ml)
It is specially made of Bulgaria's natural roses to improve dull-looking skin and slows down skin aging to keep the skin fully hydrated throughout the day. In other words, it is the kind of essence to brighten up you skin texture and anti-aging.

Rose Essential Hydrating and Whitening Day Cream (RM 99/50 ml)
It can improve skin moisture and elasticity while inhibits the formation of melanin and uneven skin tone throughout the day.

Rose Essential Whitening and Repair Night Cream (RM 99/50 ml)
Soothes the skin after a long hectic day with this night cream which helps to moisturise and soothe the fatigue.

Rose Petal Jelly Mask (RM 99/70 ml)
I have to say this is an interesting jelly mask I have ever seen. There are but pieces of natural organic rose petals inside with clear jelly texture. With this mask on the face for 20 minutes, the skin will be revealed to be smoother, brighter and moisturised  But actually hor, the moment I applied it on my hand, I can already feel my skin is absorbing the richness of the mask and that particular area of my hand looked supple. The jelly mask can be used as a sleeping mask too, a plus point for lazy people like me. Another interesting fact about the mask is that, IT CAN BE EATEN! The staff told us the jelly mask can be used as a jam. Cool or no? I tried it and it tasted bitter-sweet.

Rose Essential Firming Eye Cream (RM 118/20 ml)
The eye cream eases away eye puffiness and dark circles which forms a pair of radiant and glowing eyes. That's what the description says and I do hope the eye cream can help to ease my dark circles.

Rose Brightening Lift Jelly Eye Mask (RM 99/10 pcs)
This jelly mask helps to reduce eye puffiness and give 2 times effect of hydration to the skin.
With its richness ingredient, it can help to reduce fine lines and brighten the skin around the eyes. Basically, it is suitable for those who are keen in anti-aging and anti-dark circles. As the packaging mentioned, it also helps to minimize the pores. According to Eva, the jelly mask can be dissolved in  warm water for a rose bath. See, you can save money lol.

The attendance were given a goodie bag which consists of these products.

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