We Love Asia @ Sepang


Disclaimer: All pictures were taken from We Love Asia Facebook, except for the ticket. 

Yoohooooooooo. It is Friday and it is time to enjoy some lovely trance musics! 
Well, last weekend was awesome with 2 rave parties. We Love Asia was a two-days rave party held in Sepang. Went with a group of blogger friends and I can say it was fun to hang out with them. 

Meh, I went for Day 1 and skipped Day 2 instead.
Indeed, I am regretted for not going for Day 2 because most of le friends went for Day 2 instead of Day 1.
The saddening part was when I heard Red Foo did the wiggle part by taking off his shirt. Nooooooooooooo......

DJ Antoine was awesome and it is cool to even hear his spins in LIVE. To be frank, he is the most entertaining DJ I have came across so far. He kept interacting with the audience by running around on the stage and talking to us wtf. His 'Ma Cherie' was totally the boom when most of us thought his play was going to end. 

Basically, Taoi Cruz rocked the night. To be honest, he heated up the party, though he lip-sync most of the times. 

Ferry Corsten was the last and the best of all! I was reluctantly to leave the venue but my conscious asked me to ciao as soon as possible to avoid the traffic. Damn, I should pretend that I am drunk and accidentally forgot to ciao that soon.

That is all for Day 1. For Day 2, you can feel the wildness at these blogs below. 
YES , I am regretting for not going on the second day.

Upcoming Raves
Rising Music Festivals @ KL Tower
FMFA @ Sepang
Global Sound System (TBA)

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  1. Eh, I thought you went for Day 2 as well. I like DJ Antoine too! Welcome to StTropez \m/


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