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Remembered I have been telling I am going to have less update in blogs because of Ragnarok Online 2?
Teehee~ That is right, I have been playing Ragnarok Online 2 ever since its CBT launched. For those who played Ragnarok Online (RO), they surely will come across with RO 2.

Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second is in 3D-rendered with new battle systems, monsters and game features.  

It is not one of the best but it is one of the hottest games at this time. However, from the news I heard, OBT is currently available only to certain countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. So I guess players from other countries might want to *ahem* bypass just to play this game.

Character Creation
There are 5 types of Classes: Swordman, Magician, Archer, Thief, and Acolyte.
Each class has two advanced classes at level 25. Source
Main Tank = Knight, Warrior, Monk
Off-Tank = Warrior, Monk, Beastmaster
Main/Off  Healer = Priest, Sorcerer
Pure DPS = Wizard, Ranger, Assassin, Rogue

Job System
You can choose to be a Chef, Alchemist, Artisan or Blacksmith as each of them specializes in crafting specific items which will be beneficial to yourself or others.

Job's Guardian
Alchemist's Guardian = Hohenheim increases the summoners magic defence and allows the usage of exclusive skills such as Acid Terror which delivers powerful attack and magic damage at the same time.

Artisan's Guardian = Veriel significantly increases the summoners flee and allows the usage of exclusive skills such as Shining Gimlet that afflicts quick continuous damage on far range enemies.

Blacksmith's Guardian = Vulcan increases the summoners melee defence and allows the usage of exclusive skills such as Hammerfall which decreases the enemies' defence.

Chef's Guardian = Demeter greatly increases the summoners HP auto-recovery and allows the usage of exclusive skills such as Lusty Smell which poisons the monsters.

5 men Dungeons                                            Player Solo Dungeons
East Mjollnir Mt. - Culvert                                            Payon Forest - Arrogance's Vanaheim
South Plain - Wolves Cave                                           Maple Forest - Fury's Vanaheim
Izrud Hill - Temple of Sea God
Payon Forest - Secret Forest Tomb                            10 men Dungeons
Maple Forest - Abandoned Laboratory                      East Mjollnir Mt. - Garden of Baphomet
Divided Plain - Hell of Deadly Poison                         Prontera - Arena
Verta Delta - Cursed Ghost Ship                                  Verta Delta - Culvert of Abyss
Sogratt Desert - Fortress of Sandstorm
Road of Bless - Fortrss of Sandarman

Card System
Each character is allowed to equip 5 different cards in the character slow window. The abilities would be attained based on the cards. The cards can be obtained by hunting monsters or synthesizing stronger cards via Card Merchant.
The list of cards are available in Card Book and you can keep track of those unobtainable or obtained cards.
Card Album is available for the players to store cards. You are given a 10-days period Card Album and the duration of the card album can be extended by purchasing it from Kafra Shop.

Here are some brief information on RO 2. Stay tune for more interesting features in RO2. Mean while, why not get yourself to play on the game (if you are bored at home like me)?

You can download the client here and installed it.
Game Client:

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