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I think everyone who plays MMO has a problem,
Levelling up is such a bothering process.

Though the levelling process is fun when you are levelling with your buddies or guildies, you will still find grinding is such a pain to your ass.
I do have friends who are playing the same game as me but most of them rushing to become the top as fast as they could. In the end, I am the leftover and become a solomon.
So here are some tips if you are playing alone in RO 2:

1. Avoid pure grinding. I could still remember some games (Dragonica) allowed me to grind in a specific map or mobs to level up. For this, I would advice you to stick to 1-2 level(s) above/below  or the same level  of mobs. You could level faster in this way as the levelling system in RO 2 is based on quests.

2. Questing is faster. Get ALL your Normal Quests at the particular map and complete them. The amount of Experience and Zeny you would have are much more than you think.

3.  Khara Quests. These are side quests you would normally have along with your Normal Quests. The mobs are usually around the same area as your normal quests, so kill ALL the mobs!
Do remember this, complete those Khara quests which give you Experience instead of titles, Zeny, and Khara points. Completing Khara quests with Khara points aren't going to give you any Experience.

4.  Daily quests. They are available from South Plain onwards. You can get this from the Bulletin Boards and you can only do once a day. As far as I know, before I even start to do the daily quests, I already moved on to the next map. Just in case if you are under-levelled, try to get the daily quests until you are ready to go for the next map.

5.  Monster Buster Quests. You can get these quests via the NPC but you will have to pay for the quests. From my experience, it does not worth for the experience because it is so expensive and the rewarded Experience is horrible! Unless you are very unlucky and under-levelled, you have no choice but to pay and get the Experience.

6. Avoid Dungeon Runs, unless you have Normal Quests on the dungeons or you are farming for weapons and armors. The reason being is, the Experience given is too pathetic and time wasting. Well, it is good to complete the Dungeon Normal Quests as they will reward you good armor and weapon.

7.  Don't walk and use the Peco Peco! I know at level 15 is quite difficult to get 20 zeny but please get a Peco Peco. Instead of wasting time on walking, use the Peco Peco because you could have spend the other time on levelling. You can get a mount via Mount at Prontera.

8.  Use the Kafra Flying Transportation Service. If you happen to have quest at the North side and you at at the South, use the nearest Kafra service. You can earn back the few Zeny you spent later on.

9. Party up with new friends. You can request to party up with some random guy who is probably doing the same quests as you when you are doing your quests. From my experience, these random guys are willing to party up because they want to complete the quests faster too.

10. Enjoy while you are levelling~ I know some of the top just want to max their level and most of the time, they skip a lot of funny story or stuff in the game. I usually do not skip the main story in the game because I find it to be interesting~ I found my love~ Ereme Guile~ Weeee~

Till then, next up: Raids! 

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  1. Replies
    1. Eremes hou yong sui hahaha XD

    2. eremes very de leng zai lor ok. its the most leng zai guy i have ever seen in ro2 LOL

  2. How can one enjoy leveling up? It's a waste of time to me. But yeah, I love the stories of RPGs, that's why I rather play consoles lol. Top 10 Movies of 2012

    1. lol. Can one. sometimes the mobs or bosses can be very funny. If you play alone of coz its wasting time lor. but play and leveling up with frens quite fun geh


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