RO2 Random Hard Mode Dungeon (RHM)


Before you head on to any 10 men raids, make sure you are mentally ready and physically ready in game.
Lol, sounds funny but yeah, you have to be ready as raids need more coordination from the party members.
Now, let's talk a bit about Random Hard Mode aka RHM.

When you click "N", select "Find Dungeon" and sort to "Random Dungeon (Hard)"
You will see a list of dungeons after clicking the "Find Dungeon" button.

At the end of the dungeon, you will be rewarded an Old Blue Chest, which is useless because 90% the chest will give you any type of potions, 10% Blue (bound item) armor which is lousier than RHM equipment.

There are a total of 10 RHM dungeons:
  1. Culvert
  2. Wolves Cave
  3. Izrud Cave
  4. Temple of Sea God
  5. Secret Forest Tomb
  6. Abandoned Lab
  7. Hell of Deadly Poison
  8. Cursed Ghost Ship
  9. Fortress of Sandstorm
  10. Fortress of Sandarman
Oh yes, these dungeons are exactly the same dungeons when you were low level back then, with level 50 mobs. Each boss will 100% drop a level 50 blue armor/weapon, and that depends on luck for getting needed armor/weapon.

Do take note on these:
  1. RHM Dungeons lockout resets everyday at 9am. However, you can get Dungeon Reset Scroll to reset your run. 
  2. If you leave the dungeon while it is still progressing, you will become a deserter
  3. The level difficulty of the RHM dungeon higher, the better equipment stats you will have. 
RHM Dungeons Lockout
If your party leader manually run through the entrance of the hard dungeon mode, you can still go in the dungeon or teleport to the dungeon straight away via the flickering colorful windmill icon on the bottom left. You will not required to "roll" so it is not considered doing a Random Hard Mode.
But, if you have killed and rolled on for the bosses earlier, you will not be able to roll any items.

If you leave your party while the dungeon is still progressing, you will become a deserter. A deserter cannot proceed with any RHM dungeons for 30 minutes. I know this is dumb but without this rule, people would just choose to grind for a particular boss (which I find grinding is boring). The one who is being kicked from the RHM party would not become a deserter because you aren't intentionally leave the party. 
HOWEVER, you can remove the deserter status by having PVP with other players. 

RHM Equipment
Armor and weapons drop from RHM dungeons are essential for you before you head on to any raids, simply because the bosses in raids can easily KO you with a hit. The Area of Effect (AOE) damage casts on you can get yourself killed within one second. RHM equipment is sufficient for you to survive in the raids with the help of healing skills. An advice here for you, get yourself 5 Scratch Thief Cards in order to add on your VIT (HP).

Next up: Killing Baphomet maybe? 

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